Mom Of 2 Gets 3rd Boob Job Because She Loves ‘The Fake Artificial Look,' Now Has Britain's Largest

Debbie Delamar, a 34-year-old mom of two, recently had her third boob job and came out with what are now believed to be Britain's biggest breasts.

Why on Earth would Delamar, a petite, five-foot-tall Army wife from Wales, pay almost $14,000 (£8,000 in British currency) to inflate her breasts to a whopping 30KK bra size? After all, when she was 28 years old and before she had her first boob job, she already boasted a naturally well-endowed 30DD.

The answer is simple. She thinks they look awesome.

"I really just like the fake artificial look," says Delamar. "Some people like blonde hair or black hair. I like big fake boobs. It was never intentional to be the biggest in Britain, but it just sort of happened."

Just how big are Debbie Delamar's artificially enhanced mammaries now? Well, it's fair to say that if it's enormous breasts she wanted, she certainly got her money's worth. Her breasts now extend two feet out, measured from Debbie's back to the end of her newly enhanced bosom. In other words, she is now 40 percent as wide as she is tall.

Not only that, each of her implanted breasts contains more than 2 1/2 pints of silicon, and now weigh what sounds like a painful seven pounds combined. That's as much as eight official NFL regulation footballs, an Xbox, or a Stratocaster electric gutar.

The obvious question is, do her now-massive breasts interfere with Delamar's daily life? The answer, not too surprisingly, is — yes.

"I have adapted to them, but the first time they did was when I was at a concert with my daughters," she recalled for Britain's Mirror newspaper. "I went to clap my hands and I realized I couldn't anymore."

She also must sit further back from the assembly line in the factory where she works, to extend her arms around her enormous breasts, which were already 30HH size before her latest operation. Her first two surgeries cost her a combined $12,300 (£7,000). Her latest was more than twice as costly as either of the first two because most doctors she consulted refused to perform the latest operation for her.

And if you're just dying to see Debbie Delamar topless to get the full effect of what all that cash has bought her, she'll be happy to send you a semi-nude photo — for $60.

Debbie Delamar says that her two daughters, ages 15 and 12, are generally tolerant of her large, fake breasts, which she says she has no plans to enlarge further.

"My oldest thinks it's great and just wants me to be famous but my youngest is more shy and a bit embarrassed by them," said Debbie Delamar in an interview with The Huffington Post U.K. "I don't think I'm a bad role model. We're responsible parents and it was never my intention to forge a glamor modeling career, but I couldn't be happier."