Illegal Immigrants Burn American Flags, U.S. Citizens Arrested While Protesting Busloads From Mexico

Reports of illegal immigrants burning American flags during July 4th celebrations have come out at the same time as police are arresting protesters attempting to block the busloads of migrants being brought in from Mexico.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, noted columnist Sally Kohn claims that the term “illegal immigrant” is the same as using the N-word to describe African Americans. A report from the Center for Immigration Studies claims that immigrants, both legal and illegal, account for literally all of the jobs created since the 2000. In fact, the number of jobs held by native U.S. citizens declined slightly while 5.7 million jobs went to migrants. During this time, President Obama’s approval ratings show that the majority of Americans disagree with the White House on his plans for immigration reform.

Around the country it is reported that “tens of thousands” of illegal immigrants are being dropped off into American neighborhoods. The town of Murrieta, California, was told to expect nearly 150 such busloads of “migrant families” and “undocumented migrants” about every 72 hours. During this time, six people were arrested, with one cited with disorderly conduct while the other five were claimed to have interfered with police. One woman even jumped on the back of a police officer.

Eventually, the busloads full of women and children were forced to turn around because of the protests, although buses heading to other cities like El Centro, California, managed to gain entry without any fight. Overall, it’s estimated that about 290,000 people managed to gain entry into the United States, and the vast majority of the 50,000 unaccompanied youths who illegally crossed the Texas border during the last few months were delivered by federal agencies to their relatives who had already entered America in previous years.

Even after the buses were turned around, the controversy did not end. Protest groups who both supported and denounced the flood of incoming migrants went head to head as the fourth of July celebration began. As America’s Independence Day was celebrated, some people who support the illegal immigrants began burning American flags. Some pro-amnesty protesters even began tearing up American flags and then impaling them on fences.

Illegal Immigrants American Flags

Bonnie Lewis, who is a protester in favor of enforcing immigration laws, claims that when she witnessed the supporters of illegal immigrants dragging an American flag on the ground, she asked them to stop. In response, they said, “That’s where it belongs.” They also berated her by calling her a “f***ing whore” in Spanish in addition to yelling, “F***ing America!”