Protesters Block Busloads Of Illegal Immigrants Coming Into Murrieta, California

Tara Dodrill - Author

Nov. 8 2016, Updated 12:36 p.m. ET

Protesters blocked buses of illegal immigrants being transported into Murrieta, California. The town was told by the local U.S. Border Patrol department to expect nearly 150 such busloads of “migrant families” and “undocumented migrants” about every 72 hours. The mayor of Murrieta is wondering who will pay for the resources used by the hundreds to thousands of people dropped into his town.

Gas is nearly $4 per gallon, so the mere transportation of the thousands of illegal migrants is racking up a significant bill for taxpayers. A review of videos of the Murrieta illegal immigrants protest indicate those chanting and carrying signs represented folks of all ages, economic backgrounds, both sexes, and were white, black, and Hispanic.

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Murrieta Mayor Alan Long urged residents of the California town to fight back against the relocation of illegal immigrants to the area. The local police department created a hotline to address concerns and field questions about the transfer of the illegal migrant families by citizens.

During an interview with Fox News this morning, Mayor Alan Long said local Border Patrol officials told him that 140 people would be loaded on buses and driven into the San Diego suburb on Monday. “We want to make sure everyone is doing what they say they’re going to do,” Long stated. The Murrieta Mayor said that the local Border Patrol office was freely sharing information with the town about the influx of illegal immigrants, but questions posed to the federal government about the issue have largely gone unanswered. According to Long, even the local department has not been able to answer all the concerns about the criminal background checks and health screenings the illegal migrant families have allegedly undergone.

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More than one hundred Murrieta residents organized along the roadside with Mayor Long’s blessing and ultimately stopped the busloads of illegal immigrants from entering the town. Border Patrol staffers manning the buses opted to take the illegal migrant families to another location. The California mayor also had local police officers on hand to make sure the protest was safe for all involved.

The Department of Homeland Security (DSH) reportedly plans on allowing the illegal immigrants to stay with friends and family after being processed, even if doing so means those who crossed the Texas border illegally need to be driven to a bus station and travel across the state without supervision. Murrieta residents are very angry about the release plan and largely feel many of the illegal migrants will remain in the area and never show up for their deportation hearings. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, border patrol officials have noted that up to 90 percent of illegal immigrants do not return for such hearings.

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Protesters who felt compassion for the illegal aliens and the lives they were attempting to escape quickly noted that once upon a time in America, citizens here too were oppressed, taxed unfairly, and lived in fear of the government. Instead of fleeing to another land, shopkeepers, blacksmiths, and farmers organized and took up arms and defeated the largest and best trained fighting force in the world in order to build a nation filled with freedom comprised of just laws. Many of those opposed the massive and ongoing influx of illegal immigrants suggest the individuals walking across the border and surrendering themselves to Border Patrol agents reclaim their own countries, just as America did with England during the Revolutionary War.

The transportation of illegal immigrants form the Texas border will reportedly be bussed to a variety of other states and towns, but the U.S. Border Control agency has not released locations or dates of relocation. Texas Governor Rick Perry stated during a Fox and Friends interview that President Barack Obama will soon be in his state for a fundraiser and invited him to tour the border and the holding facilities to get a real feel for what is going on and how it is impacting citizens. “If he does not come down to the border, it truly reflects his leadership,” Governor Perry said.

A town hall meeting has been organized by Mayor Alan Long for later this afternoon to address the issue further and to develop a plan in case the busloads of illegal immigrants again attempt to drive into town.

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