Trucker Confronts Speeding Cop (Video): Officer’s Dramatic Attitude Shift Will Amaze!

The romantic, mythic Long-haul Trucker reached full maturity in the 1970s with songs like Convoy, and movies like Smokey and the Bandit. Riding high in his (or her) seat, barreling across America’s lonely highways in the middle of the night, perhaps smoking a cigarette, a wistful country song on the radio, a girl and/or dog wearing a bandanna sitting on the passenger seat…

But most important for the portrait of the 1970s archetypal trucker was their CB in hand – trucker talking to trucker, exchanging information via 10-4s, 10-20s, and 10-73s, all in an effort to avoid cops and their meddlesome tickets.

Like cats to mice, cops have long been the bane of truckers. But unlike mice, truckers had their CBs to communicate, and with that ability to communicate they could outsmart the cops and avoid speed traps.

But by-and-by, the CB faded as the 1980s rolled into the 1990s, and truckers embraced new technology – perhaps being some of the first to do so. There was this new thingy called a flip-phone, then a cell phone. A gadget that was great for communicating trucker to trucker, to keep avoiding those cops and their speed traps, but then these cell things kept evolving and soon were able to produce maps, directions, music, a camera and… video.

Yes, video! A new way for truckers to turn the tables on their nemesis, the cops. Well, at least that’s what this trucker, Brian Miner, did, calling out a speeding cop who also happened to be talking on his cell phone, reports Tampa Bay’s, 10 News.

Illinois state police officials are reviewing the videoed exchange between trucker Miner and the cop, according to the report. The scene unfolded after trucker Miner honked at the cop as the cop sped by in wet conditions. The cop apparently didn’t appreciate trucker Miner blowing his horn at him, so he pulled the trucker over, later telling Miner he was going to ticket him for the very serious offense of “unlawful use of horn.”

Then a funny thing happens. Trucker Miner tells the cop that he is being recorded, and giving an “unlawful use of horn” ticket no longer seems to be the cop’s main concern.

Heading back to his cruiser as cops often do during a traffic stop, he then returns, all ready to make nice with trucker Miner and let bygones be bygones:

“I looked at your record you got a ticket recently for the one headlight or something, looks like,” the cop tells the trucker. “I didn’t write your ticket. I didn’t want to hurt your record. No violation, no warning, no nothing. I understand you using the horn, you saw me speeding. I honestly wasn’t paying attention to my speed.”

That said, trucker Miner was allowed to drive off with no ticket issued!

“Me putting the video out there, I was hoping I did embarrass him a little bit,” said Miner. “That was kind of like me giving him a ticket.”


And while the Illinois State Police continue to review the matter, trucker Miner concludes with a last bit of trucker wisdom:

“That’s what happens when they know you’re recording.”

Long live the Trucker:

Images via Youtube