Daniel Radcliffe Walks A Ton Of Dogs For New Role

Here’s a quick heads up — Daniel Radcliffe was photographed in New York City walking a ton of dogs in the park. In case you bump into the actor and think he’s retired from acting to become a professional dog walker, rest assured this look is only for a role.

Just the other day photos were published of the actor walking around the city with about a dozen dogs chained to his waist, while casually smoking on a cigarette. It was a ridiculous sight to behold because it was Daniel Radcliffe and not a regular dog walker. Radcliffe has made a conscious decision to get away from his Harry Potter character, and it looks like he’s sticking to that for his role in Judd Apatow’s new film Trainwreck.

Although his reps haven’t commented on Radcliffe’s inclusion, the actor was spotted filming the movie around Bryant Park. It’s not yet known how huge his role is, but some have suggested that it might just be a cameo. These days comedies like to throw in celebrities playing exaggerated version of themselves for funny cameos, but we can’t confirm if this is the case for Daniel Radcliffe.

That said, if going by Judd Apatow’s tweet it sounds like we’re on to something here. When the news hit that Radcliffe was in Bryant Park walking a bunch of dogs, Apatow played up the filming by tweeting out a small tease.

Apatow has been having fun with the media over the last few days. He retweeted a few stories already about Daniel Radcliffe looking like “a trainwreck” while walking some dogs.

Oddly enough it was never officially announced that Daniel Radcliffe was attached to the film, which is usually what happens before we see actors filming around, but in this case it looks like the paparazzi beat the big wigs to the punch. In addition, Marisa Tomei was also captured filming around for Trainwreck too.

The only other info we have is that it’s a comedy starring Amy Schumer, and features the likes of Bill Hader, Brie Larson, Colin Quinn, Vanessa Bayer, Ezra Miller, John Cena, Barkhad Abdi, Mike Birbiglia and Jon Glaser.

[Image via Bing]