You Will Never Guess What This Man Found In His Pepsi Can, ‘Is It Human Or Animal?’

Like something out of a nightmare, a South Bend, Indiana, man has reported that he found debris in a freshly opened can of Pepsi that he says appears to be a piece of skin with hair. Joseph Hidey is the unfortunate soul who downed the tainted beverage. Hidey told WNDU, he not only found what appears to be skin in his freshly opened can, but may have swallowed some of it as well.

“I cracked this one open and swallowed a chunk of something. We opened the can up and found another piece of what looks like skin with hair attached.”

Hidey said the Pepsi was purchased from Walmart in a 24-pack. When he found the piece of unknown debris, he contacted Walmart.Walmart directed him to the Pepsi customer support line. Hidey then contacted Pepsi with his concerns and said they sent a person from an independent lab, Stericycle, on Monday to test the debris. A Pepsi spokeswoman, Gina Anderson, confirmed to KJRH that the company is investigating. She says Pepsi looked at the shipping code associated with the can Hidey purchased and found no similar complaints.

According to WNDU, Hidey already has an attorney, Pete Agostino. Agostino notes:

“They [Pepsi] sent a representative here to pick up a sample as well as the can and two other cans that were left. And, those were going to be sent to a lab for investigation, and determination and analysis.”

Hidey has also kept a piece of the debris specimen to test himself should the need arise. Hidey showed the Pepsi can debris to news stations and the specimen does look disturbing. Hidey said he really wants to know what he ingested.

” want to know what’s in it because I want to know what I ingested — if it’s human or if it’s an animal.”

Pepsi did release an official statement about the incident:

“The safety and integrity of our products is our highest priority. We have reached out to Mr. Hidey directly about his claim, which came into our after-hours call center on Sunday, and will thoroughly investigate this matter.”

Pepsi and the independent lab say that it could be several weeks before the test results come back on the specimen found in the Pepsi can.

Pepsi also made headlines in London when a Pepsi Max ad campaign shocked Londoners waiting at a bus shelter.

What do you think the debris is? Is it animal, human or a ploy by Hidey for a lawsuit?

[Image Credit: WNDU]