Pepsi Max Ad Campaign Shocks Londoners Waiting At Bus Shelter [Video]

Known for its outrageous commercials in the past, Pepsi seems to have outdone themselves this time with their newest campaign for Pepsi Max in London. As part of the company’s “Unbelievable” campaign for the UK, they jacked up a usually monotonous bus shelter in New Oxford by installing a high tech, transparent augmented reality display right next to it.

The result? Commuters waiting for their next bus were subjected to alien invasions, had to dodge Siberian tigers running towards them, saw a giant 80’s robot marching through the streets and watched in disbelief as terrifying tentacles burst out of the pavement and grabbed hapless people standing nearby, sprinkling a bit of action in to what would have been just another boring commute to work. All the while, the Pepsi Max logo was visible from the back of the panel, giving it much needed publicity.

The best part of it all was the fact that Pepsi had set up cameras all around the place to gauge reactions from the commuters. As you might have guessed by now, the results had all the essentials to be the part of a viral video which has been eventually posted to the Pepsi Max UK YouTube Channel. It has gone past 230,000 views at the time of writing this and is climbing up fast.

People were visibly shocked by what they saw on the transparent display with a few taking some time to realize what was actually happening. When they did realize all this was a trick and also saw the hidden cameras, they were amused and started creating their own fun scenarios around the display. One guy actually went behind the screen in an effort to try and explain to his mom how it works.

According to Business Insider, the campaign was the brainchild of a bunch of agencies including AMV BBDO, a leading advertisement agency in the UK, Grand Visual, the people who produced it, OMD UK who handled media planning and Talon which took care of media buying.

Watch the video yourselves and let us know if you thought this latest campaign by Pepsi Max was awesome!

[Image via YouTube Screengrab]