ISIS Mocks U.S. Soldiers: Asks ‘Did You Prepare Enough Diapers?’ In English Video

ISIS, the Islamic extremist group making rapid military gains in its quest to topple the government of Iraq, mocks American soldiers in a new English-language video, taunting U.S. troops who, the ISIS fighter in the video says, will need diapers if they try to fight against ISIS in the Middle East.

The radical jihadist force threatens in the video to continue its military assault on major regions of the Middle East until it has taken over the city of Jerusalem.

The star of the new YouTube video, posted on Sunday, is identified in the video as Abu Safiyya, an Islamist fighter from Chile. In the video, Abu Safiyya speaks in fluent English, with a noticeable Latin American accent.

In the video, which can be seen by clicking on this link, the Chilean jihadist says that he is standing on the border of Iraq and Syria, a border that he says is not recognized by ISIS and soon will no longer exist.

“God will break all barriers — Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon —all of them until we reach Jerusalem,” Abu Safiyya says in the video, which is entitled The End Of Sykes-Picot.

The title is a reference to the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement, a deal struck secretly between the United Kingdom and France, in which the two European countries drew borders for the Middle East, and divided up which country would control which regions.

The deal was struck while World War I was still going on, as the two powers anticipated dividing their spoils once the fighting finally concluded. In the video, Abu Safiyya says that the Islamist fighters “have never recognized” the Sykes-Picot borders.

Last week, ISIS, also known as ISIL, declared the territory it has captured in Iraq and Syria to be an “Islamic caliphate.” A “caliphate” is an Islamic state or empire under the rule of a supreme leader who is considered a successor to the prohet Mohammed, founder of the Muslim religion.

The new video reaffirms the declaration of a new caliphate, but announces for the first time the intention of ISIS to expand its territorial control across the entire Middle East into Israel.

Aby Safiyya, appearing jovial and smiling as he speaks in English, also takes a few moments to taunt the United States president and American troops.

“I want to send a question to Obama,” says the ISIS spokesperson. “Did you prepare enough diapers for your soldiers or not?”

He also derides Iraqi government soldiers as “cowards” who “threw their uniforms in the streets and they run away like civilians.” He also derides prisoners captured by ISIS as “idiots.”

In the new ISIS video, Abu Safiyya is seen in an American-made truck, presumably captured by ISIS from defeated Iraqi forces.

“Look at how much money America spends to fight Islam and it ends up just being in our pockets,” the ISIS mouthpiece declares in the video.