Heather Locklear Causes Stir, Breast Enlargement Rumor Circulates

Photos of actress Heather Locklear are causing quite the stir on the internet this weekend after several pictures of the former Melrose Place star began to circulate and show off what some gossips are calling breast augmentation surgery.

The photos, which all feature Locklear in a low cut black dress during an Aug. 4 charity dinner in London, UK appear to show larger than normal breasts as she holds onto longtime boyfriend Jack Wagner at the Sameul L. Jackson led event.

Regardless of whether or not Locklear has in fact had breast enlarging surgery, it’s hard to not admit that at nearly 50-years-old (she turns 50 on Sept. 25) she looks amazing.

Locklear has never said she has had plastic surgery, although she also hasn’t ruled it out, during an interview on Live With Regis and Kelly in the earlier part of 2011 she said:

“I think [plastic surgery] is great,” while adding, “Especially since I’m at an age now where all my friends talk about it… No one’s done it yet, but it’s all they talk about.”

“Sometimes I look at this,” she added, gesturing to her chin. “I think it would be scary, but hey, I’m not against it at all. At all.”

So what if she did have breast enlargement surgery, she’s nearly 50 years old yet I know plenty of guys much younger than her who still think Heather Locklear is a bombshell. At least unlike some Hollywood stars she has admitted that she’s thought about it, whether or not she has surgery is her own choice, but honestly I don’t think she needs it.