91-Year-Old Man Beaten To Death With His Own Cane

A 91-year-old Oklahoma City man was beaten to death with his own cane. Even worse — the killer was his own son. Authorities said 61-year-old Donald Ray Meyer attacked his elderly father on Thursday afternoon. Although Theodore Meyer survived the assault, he died three days later as the result of his injuries.

Police said the father and son shared an apartment on North Pennsylvania Avenue. On Thursday, neighbors contacted authorities to report a domestic disturbance. When paramedics arrived on scene, Theodore was “curled up in a fetal position on the bedroom floor.”

Authorities said the 91-year-old man was covered in blood. He suffered a collapsed lung, a broken rib, and numerous cuts and bruises.

Donald claimed that his father was injured in a fall. However, several neighbors witnessed him beating Theodore with his own cane. Neighbor Jessica Veach said the incident was “just horrible.”

Veach said Donald and Theodore were generally quiet and rarely left the apartment. Although Veach only saw Donald in passing, she said he “seemed a little strange.”

Man Kills Father With His Own Cane

As reported by News 9, Theodore was rushed to a local hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, it was simply too late. Three days later, he died of his injuries.

Following the attack, Donald was arrested and charged with “domestic assault and battery with a deadly weapon.” As Theodore passed away on Sunday, his son was also charged with first-degree murder.

According to official records, Donald is currently being held without bond at the Oklahoma County jail.

Oklahoma Police Department Msgt. Gary Knight said the motive for the attack is currently under investigation:

“At this point, the investigation is still in the fairly early stages. It’s a few days old… But investigators are still trying to piece together exactly what led up to the elder Meyer being attacked by his son.”

Although Donald lived with both of his parents, his mother was not harmed in the incident. Joe Forrest owns a home health care agency, which provided in-home care to Theodore and his wife. He is now trying to help the family cope with their loss:

“When you say your prayers tonight, say one for them… Find ways to support them. I think that would be great.”

Forrest said Theodore was a good man, who fought in World War II. In addition to emotional support, the family is in need of funds to cover funeral expenses. Donations are being accepted at the Oklahoma City Bank First.

Authorities said Donald has no prior criminal record. They are still trying to understand what prompted him to beat his father to death with his own cane.

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