Young Dad Dies For Sake Of Internet Video, Collapsed Playing ‘Punch 4 Punch’ Game

A devoted young dad, who only recently started learning how to braid his little daughter’s hair, is dead today after playing a violent game that’s recently become popular on the internet. London, England, man Tommy Main — only 23-years-old — suffered a cardiac arrest and was later pronounced dead at a hospital after a friend reportedly punched him in the chest as part of the “Punch 4 Punch” game, as other revelers filmed the whole thing.

The plan was to post the video online.

“I had to say good by to my little brother today for the last time. I’m hurting so bad I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again,” Main’s older brother, Roy, wrote on Facebook after the death of his brother. “For the people at the party who call yourselves friends, you should have stopped it, not try and film it. I hope you can’t sleep.”

Tommy Main, a single dad, was devoted to his 4-year-old daughter, Aimee, as he made clear on his Facebook page, which he filled with photos of the adorable, smiling little girl.

There have been a number of “dare” games that have found followings on the internet in recent years. The Punch 4 Punch game is more or less self-explanatory. Two “players” exchange punches until one gives up. While the punches are usually targeted at arms and shoulders, Punch 4 Punch participants have also struck each other in the chest, gut or even the face.

Not surprisingly, the Punch 4 Punch contest is generally fueled by alcohol. The idea is to film the “game” and share the video on YouTube, Facebook or elsewhere online.

Tommy Main was hosting a party at his southeast London home when he took part in a Punch 4 Punch game, according to a witness who was there.

According to the London Ambulance Service, paramedics were called to the home at 12:24 am Sunday morning “to treat a young man in his 20s for cardiac arrest.”

The young dad was rushed by ambulance to London’s Darent Valley Hospital, but though the emergency services technicians made frantic efforts to save his life, Main was declared dead at the hospital at 1:28 am.

Another partygoer, age 20, who allegedly was the other participant in the ill-fated Punch 4 Punch contest, was arrested on suspicion of murder, but freed on bail.

“He was a wonderful single dad,” said a relative of Tommy Main, Angela Martinelli. “Last week he mentioned going on YouTube to learn how to plait his little girl’s hair. I do not know of many dads who would take the time to do that.”

London Metropolitan Police did not confirm that the death of Tommy Main resulted from the Punch 4 Punch game, saying only that they are currently treating his death as “unexplained.”