[Updated] Ricky Stenhouse wins Iowa NASCAR race after wild finish

Ricky Stenhouse won tonight’s NASCAR Nationwide Series race, following a crazy finish. In fact in my more than 20 years of watching NASCAR and being a fan I have never seen a race finish like this. As Ricky (car #6) was coming to the finish line for his second career victory in NASCAR’s Triple A series, he blew an engine. Carl Edwards (car #60) who was in second could not avoid Ricky and the oil leaking from his car and slid into him and pushed him the final few feet across the finish line for the win. Had Carl been able to avoid the wreck he would have won the race.

This is pretty ironic as over the past few weeks the two teammates have ruffled each other’s feathers a bit. There was some contact between the two last week in Indianapolis, and early in this race the two found each other once again. The skirmish between the two Roush Fenway drivers got heated enough that owner Jack Roush came on Carl’s radio during the race and asked if everything was ok.

Under normal NASCAR rules cars cannot assist one another across the start/finish line. Cars can help others who have run out of gas back to the pits, but if a guy runs out of gas on the final lap, his teammate cannot push him across the line to save a good finish. This of course is a very unique situation and happened feet from the finish line.

It was a crazy finish, and since the Nationwide Series TV ratings have been on the rise for the four letter network a lot of racing fans likely saw it all happen live. I of course will be covering this not only for inquisitr.com but on my new NASCAR podcast that airs on mtrradio.com Monday, at 3AM, 11AM, and 7PM.