Henry Cavill As Clark Kent In 'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice' First Look [Photo]

Patricia Didelot

Even though Henry Cavill is supposed to be one of the main stars of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, we have been talking about everyone except Superman. Now after weeks of waiting, the first photo of the British actor as Clark Kent is finally making its rounds online on Monday.

As things go, the only character whose look is known for the Man Of Steel sequel is Cavill's Superman. Zack Snyder gave fans a teaser of what Ben Affleck's Batman suit will look like in his blockbuster, but other than that, we are in the dark for the rest of the cast.

In the new photo, Henry Cavill is seen dressed in his Clark Kent persona, looking like the geek reporter we have all come to know and love. Fans were rewarded with a special early treat when the photo was shared on Twitter.

Snyder's Superman is not what we are used to seeing from the red-caped hero. This is a man who is haunted and a misfit, trying to find out where he belongs and why he is different from everyone else; a role Henry Cavill plays very well.

More than anything, Cavill's Clark Kent is conflicted between trying to help the vulnerable humans -- even those close to him -- and confronting the evil forces trying to destroy him. He pays a hefty price for choosing between his family and hundreds in need of his help.

Without further ado, here is the new Henry Cavill photo:

In Man Of Steel, we saw Clark interacting with his parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent, who were played by Kevin Costner and Diane Lane. We also saw him as a young, confused boy trying to understand why he was different from other kids his age.

In the comics, a big part of Superman is his alter ego, Clark Kent, and most film and television productions focus on his work environment at the fictional newspaper, the Daily Planet. It is here that he has the most interactions with his love interest, Lois Lane (Amy Adams).

Not much is known about the plot for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, but many expect Henry Cavill's Clark, the reporter, to be more prevalent in the sequel. The photo shows him without the trademark glasses, but maybe this Clark wears contacts.

The photo was shared by the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund -- of which Henry Cavill is a patron. It shows the hunky Brit wearing an overcoat, dark blue shirt, grey tie and pants, along with a messenger bag hung over his shoulder while he stands next to a director's chair labeled "Clark."

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[Image via Warner Bros.]