Lady Gaga Comes Out For Pride On Instagram

Niki Cruz

Lady Gaga has played to her LGBTQ demographic since the start of her career, so it's not a surprise that she would make a "huge" announcement during the weekend of pride. However, the particular announcement that she made was quite a shock. Not one to miss out on the biggest celebration for the gay community, Lady Gaga took note of the festivities, and announced that she was in fact -- wait for it -- straight.

That's right. Lady Gaga, who in the past has leaned towards saying that she's bisexual, has come out as straight on her Instagram. Gaga is currently in a relationship with former model turned actor Taylor Kinney. While everyone was celebrating the pride parade, the "Born This Way" star took a photograph from Atlantic City and captioned it on her Instagram.

Lady Gaga

"Atlantic City Baby. Straights celebrating their pride by unLEASHING our gayness. @thedirtypearls @tommylondon Be proud. We were born this way. #TellemAsia".

In addition to her friend Tommy London, who's the lead singer for The Dirty Pearls, her dog Asia is being held, and in the back is her Chicago Fire beau Taylor Kinney.

In the past, Lady Gaga has been extremely candid about sex as well as her sexuality. Being that she considers herself a supporting voice for the LGBT community, Gaga has always been very vocal about the discovery of her sexuality.

Last year, the "Edge of Glory" singer told Attitude magazine that her admission of liking girls was sincere. On the subject Gaga said that she doesn't "need to eat p***y in front of the whole world for people to take me seriously."

Additionally, during a Q&A at the Berghain Club in Berlin, Gaga said:

"It's not a lie that I am bisexual and I like women, and anyone that wants to twist this into 'she says she's bisexual for marketing, this is a f-ing lie. This is who I am and who I have always been."

Aside from opening up publicly about her bisexuality, Gaga's art reflects her sexuality, or at least it did before she decided to announce that she's straight. Her single "Poker Face" is allegedly about her bisexuality. Back in 2009, Lady Gaga told Heat magazine, "Well, I'm girl-crazy too. I really depends on where I am. I love men, I love women and I love sex."

As of right now with Gaga's new announcement it's unknown if her bisexuality was simply a "phase" or if she sees herself straight because of her current relationship status with Kinney. The pair have been in a relationship since meeting on her 2011 music video for "You and I."

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