Hillary Clinton ‘Understands Average Americans,’ Says Poll; Are Americans Nuts?

Scott Rutherford - Author

Dec. 20 2017, Updated 8:37 p.m. ET

Hillary Clinton will undoubtedly be the Democratic nominee for president in 2016 unless she shocks the world and decides not to run — and she’s been going out of her way recently to demonstrate to the poor and middle class that she “gets it.”

It’s understandable that Hillary would want to show solidarity with the poor and middle class — two demographics the Democratic Party traditionally tries to appeal to. But, seriously, does Clinton have to make patently ridiculous statements to do it? Don’t poor and middle class people see through that?

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A recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Annenberg poll suggests that Americans really don’t get it. In the poll, a full 57 percent of polled Americans responded that Hillary Clinton understands the average American as well or better than the other 2016 presidential hopefuls. Of course, that may not be so much a commentary on how well Hillary understands Joe Average and more of a commentary on just how clueless the American people think the rest of the pack is.

Given the fact that Mitt Romney — who said that the Monica Lewinsky scandal won’t affect Hillary in 2016 — wrote off 47 percent of the country in the 2012 elections, and the fact that there isn’t a clear Republican frontrunner to replace Romney as the face of the Republican Party in Americans’ minds yet, it’s understandable that some may believe that Bill and Hillary Clinton — who according to Hillary’s account almost moved straight from the White House to the poor house — understand their plight.

After all, when the average American faces a mountain of debt (and the average American does, in fact, face a mountain of debt on a daily basis), most of them book speaking engagements for $225,000 — right? After all, that’s what Hillary Clinton does.

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On top of that, the average American would certainly sit back and let fellow Americans serving the country die on foreign shores when it was within their power to call in the United States Marines, right? After all, that’s what Hillary Clinton did.

And afterwards, if they were questioned about it, average Americans would write off their inactivity during the death of four Americans as “Minor League Ball” while promoting their book that’s designed to make the case that they’re ready to make Hard Choices, right? After all, that’s what Hillary Clinton did.

What’s more, the average American would undoubtedly giggle and chortle about getting a child rapist off the hook by blaming the victim, right? After all, that’s what Hillary Clinton did.

Hopefully, average Americans are mad as hornets at those suggestions. Of course, the average American wouldn’t do any of those things.

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There’s nothing average — and not much American — about Hillary Clinton. She is an elitist progressive liberal who believes she knows what’s good for the average American better than the average American does. She served a blasé stint in the U.S. Senate from a state she wasn’t from and a disastrous term as Secretary of State under an administration so besotted with scandals and mismanagement that they don’t even bear listing out — an administration that started from the word go with the First Lady declaring that she had never been proud of her country before her husband’s election and the newly elected president “reaching across the aisle” by telling the opposition to “get in the back seat.”

No, Hillary Clinton doesn’t get average. Chances are no one who is nominated by either party in 2016 will and thinking any of them do is the height of naiveté. The question average people should ask in 2016 is not who “gets” them — none of the candidates do — but rather, “Are average Americans better off than we were eight years ago when we handed power to the Democrats?”

There’s no doubt we will have a woman in the Oval Office some day, and by all means, we should. Here’s hoping the average people of America have better sense than to make Hillary ‘Minor Leagues’ Clinton that woman.

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