Kendall Jenner's Ghostwriter Discusses 'Rebels: City Of Indra'

Todd Rigney

Kendall Jenner and her sister Kylie have a new book on the market, though word on the literary street suggests they didn't spend a lot of time crafting this dystopian tale.

Since celebrities are extremely busy individuals with all sorts of projects and commitments on their schedules, finding the time to actually write a book is daunting. To meet the deadlines associated with releasing such an effort, sometimes your favorite actor, actress, or musician will hire a ghostwriter to get the job done. Such is the case with Kendall and Kylie Jenner's tome Rebels: City of Indra.

According to the Guardian Liberty Voice, Kendall probably didn't spend too much time tapping away at the keyboard during the book's genesis. In fact, the website believes Jenner and her sibling probably didn't contribute much of anything to the story. All of the heavy lifting was officially placed on the shoulders of writer Maya Sloan.

can't wait to read Rebels City of Indra @KendallJenner @KylieJenner

— Kaitlyn Derek (@AriaNicolee) June 22, 2014

Kendall Jenner's ghostwriter recently told Entertainment Weekly:

"It's a gift to be writing, making a living. And to me, writing is collaborative. That's how the face of writing is changing—we need to own it."

Sloan told the publication that she spent quite of time interviewing Kendall Jenner and her sister before the project was officially underway. This reportedly included "studying their preferences, style, and language in order to accurately transmit their personalities onto the written page." In other words, they didn't really have anything to do with the book.

Unfortunately for all involved, Kendall and Kylie Jenner's book didn't receive the strongest reception. Not only was the tome mocked endlessly before it even arrived, several outlets apparently took great pleasure in ripping the thing to shreds.

Kendall&Kylie Jenner promoted their new novel Rebels: City Of Indra in Bookstore in Ridgewood, New Jersey on Tuesday.

— Kardashian Croatia (@Kardashian_Cro) June 4, 2014

The New York Daily News critic Sherryl Connelly wrote:

"Like every other teen novel since "The Hunger Games" and "Divergent," it's set in the dystopian future, though the word itself isn't used because, face it, could either Jenner spell it... As stirring climaxes go, we'll stick to Kim's sex tape."

Ouch. That has to sting, regardless of who penned the novel. Sadly, The Blemish points out that even folks in the book's demographic aren't smitten with the story. Unfortunately, this is quite possibly Kendall Jenner's last foray into the literary world.

One Amazon reader noted:

"God, how i wish i hadn't read this. I feel so bad for the one hour of my life that i am never getting back. I really wanted to give this book a chance and not judge it just because of the so-called 'authors' but dear god, what the heck is this? I can't believe this trash actually got published. The story is nonsense, the character development is poor, the plot points are ridiculous and the scenes are all over the place. There doesn't seem to be a connection between one sentence and the next. I could not get past the fifth chapter, by then my head was pounding. I directly skipped to the last chapter and what i read ominously points towards a sequel... i really hope not."

Are you surprised that Kendall Jenner and her sister didn't write Rebels: City of Indra? What did you think about the book?

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