Kendall Jenner Is ‘Really Happy’ About Her Topless Photo Shoot

Kendall Jenner is pretty happy about the way her topless photo shoot turned out.

We’ve heard from Kris and Bruce Jenner regarding their teenager daughter’s stint in Interview magazine, but how does Kendall feel about the photos? Is she suffering from an overwhelming sense of regret? Does Jenner wish she’d never taken off her top for the publication? According to E! Online, she’s just as happy as the rest of her family.

After the images from Kendall’s topless photo shoot started making the rounds online, she took a moment to share her thoughts and feelings with the aforementioned outlet. Not surprisingly, the 18-year-old aspiring model had nothing but positive things to say about the pics and her experience with Interview magazine.

She told E! Online:

“Yeah, I was really happy with it. It was a fun shoot to do and it’s nice when you absolutely just love something. To be honest, this is exactly what I wanted to be. I was always looking up to supermodels, they were, like, my superheroes.”

Not only did she get her dad’s nod of approval, Kendall’s mom also thought her daughter’s topless photo shoot was spot-on. Kris told The Huffington Post she understands that showing a little skin just comes with the territory.

The Kardashian matriarch explained:

“She’s a model and that’s really her profession. Doesn’t she look great? Some people are like ‘She poses topless.’ She’s a model. That’s her profession. It comes with the territory. She has like, the perfect body, especially one that wants to be in the modeling business. I don’t know, I got a lot of curves and I couldn’t pull that off. But she always looks remarkable.”

Not only is Kendall Jenner trying her had at the world of modeling, she’s also dipping her toes into literary waters this year. Kendall and Kylie’s young adult novel Rebels: City of Indra hit retail shelves on June 3. According to the folks at Starcasm, the Jenners shouldn’t give up their day jobs anytime soon.

The website wrote:

“As you might expect, the book has gotten fairly scathing reviews. Over half of its ratings on Goodreads are one or two stars. Professionals are reading it so that no one else has to. But, if you would like to check it out for yourself, MTV has done the courtesy of publishing the first two chapters online, which is an oddly egalitarian move for a corporation whose audience does most of its reading on screens bright enough to be used as reading lights for actual bound books.”

What do you think about Kendall Jenner’s topless photo shoot for Interview magazine? Is the young model showing too much too soon?

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