Jason Kidd Could Leave Brooklyn Nets To Join Jabari Parker With Milwaukee Bucks?

Jason Kidd may have ended his career as the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets early and it looks like he might join the Milwaukee Bucks. According to multiple sources, Jason Kidd offered a proposal to the Brooklyn Nets ownership to take over basketball operations. Although the NBA seems to be moving in the direction of coaches taking on more responsibility, only Gregg Popovich, Stan Van Gundy, Flip Saunders and Doc Rivers hold that dual role with their organizations. The difference? Those are four of the most seasoned coaches in the NBA. Jason Kidd coached one lackluster season for the Brooklyn Nets.

Apparently, Jason Kidd made a power play to place himself higher than GM Billy King. Billy King has a history of making poor decisions as a GM and seems to have worked the Brooklyn Nets organization into a corner. In the playoffs this year, they were slow and old. Without any draft picks in 2014 (except for a lame second round trade), it is unlikely that the team will improve much. It is certainly understandable why Jason Kidd would want to take on more responsibility.

However, the Brooklyn Nets ownership denied Jason Kidd’s request and gave permission to the Milwaukee Bucks to talk with Kidd. Currently, Larry Drew is the head coach of the Bucks. On draft night, Milwaukee became one of the most intriguing teams in the NBA when they selected Jabari Parker with the second pick. Parker is expected by many to be the most NBA ready player out of this year’s draft. He is an early favorite for rookie of the year.

With new ownership in Milwaukee, the Bucks would be an intriguing destination for Jason Kidd. Rather than working with veterans he played with and against, the roster is loaded with lots of young talent he could mold. Besides Jabari Parker, Jason Kidd would be able to work with the greek freak, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Brandon Knight. The future is probably a little brighter in Milwaukee, strangely enough.

Whether Jason Kidd winds up in Milwaukee or not, it appears he has done damage to his relationships with the Brooklyn Nets front office. The next wave of former players becoming coaches is on the way and they appear to be struggling with ownership. Mark Jackson was recently fired from the Golden State Warriors because of his relationship with the front office, in spite of taking the Warriors to the playoffs in multiple seasons.

If Jason Kidd does not end up in Milwaukee, it will be interesting to see what the rest of the offseason holds for the Brooklyn Nets’ coach.

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