Chrystie Corns, Bachelorette’s Sister, Made ‘Huge Mistake’

On the season finale of the popular reality dating show The Bachelorette, the titular groom-seeker Ashley Hebert selected JP Rosenbaum as her fiance.

However, the selection was against the advice of her sister, Chrystie Corns. Corns- no stranger to the world of reality programming, having appeared on the first season of TLC’s Extreme Couponing– originally said on The Bachelorette that she did not feel Rosenbaum was an appropriate match for her sister Ashley.

Corns said after watching the series unfold, she’s revised her original assessment of her sister’s selection. She said she felt badly after viewing the episodes:

“I made a big mistake… As I started watching the season, however, it’s very clear to me that J.P. was the one. He was the best choice… I’m totally apologetic, I feel like a jerk — I want to make it up to him but he won’t let me forget it… J.P. says if he has anything to do with it I’m going to have to fight for the right to be maid of honor.”

Did you watch this season of The Bachelorette? Do you think Chrystie Corns was right the first time, or did her sister pick her best match?