Imagine Dragons Has Over 100 New Songs

Alternative rock band Imagine Dragons recently recorded and performed their new song “Battle Cry” for the soundtrack of the new Transformers film, Transformers 4: Age of Extinction. At the height of their fame and the launch of a new record, Imagine Dragons has shared the scoop on what it’s like to be in such a successful band. The members of Imagine Dragons spoke to Billboard about the new music they’ve got locked and loaded and the work Imagine Dragons did for filmmaker Michael Bay.

When Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds was asked about the song “Battle Cry,” he said:

“‘Battle Cry’ wrote itself very quickly. It was cool to compose a song in a more cinematic way — we tried to create something to benefit a visual as opposed to just being true to the song”

According to MTV, “Battle Cry” was first performed by Imagine Dragons in the U.S. at the Firefly Festival. Imagine Dragons fans were extremely excited to be there for the song’s unveiling. However, “Battle Cry” was first heard at the premiere of Transformers 4: Age of Extinction. Imagine Dragons performed the song in Hong Kong, which is one of the film’s settings.

Reynolds was also asked about Imagine Dragons’ experience premiering the film:

“It was our first time ever going to Hong Kong. For many years, [Imagine Dragons was] a young band who would go to a new city and have nobody come out to see us, so we still have that expectation when we go to a new place. But right when I got there, there was a lady who came in to clean my hotel room and asked if we could take a picture together… Social media makes the world so much smaller and [Imagine Dragons] has grown large enough, things move organically on their own throughout the world. But we loved Hong Kong. And it was incredible to be a part of such a big movie premiere.”

“Battle Cry” isn’t the only new song Imagine Dragons has been working on. In the interview with Billboard, Imagine Dragons revealed that they’ve got 105 demos they’re working on for upcoming albums. Imagine Dragons already has a new album on the way to follow up their debut hit Night Visions, but 105 songs is enough to fill plenty more records. Reynolds explained how Imagine Dragons ended up with so much music and how they intend to whittle it down:

“We have 105 demos. But we’ve been writing on the road since “Night Visions” came out two years ago — it’s not like we went home and wrote 100 songs… But I’m singing into my computer and some of those vocals will make the next record.”

Are you excited to hear all the new Imagine Dragons music?