Imagine Dragons Share Details About New Album

Imagine Dragons revealed some information about their upcoming second album during an interview at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. Billboard reported on the topics discussed, including Imagine Dragon’s recent success and the current status of their unfinished record.

The front man of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds, told Billboard that most of the songs were written over the past two-and-a-half years on the road while the band was touring for their first album, Night Vision. Their breakout LP featured the massively successful hit “Radioactive,” which you can listen to in the music video below.

Speaking of Imagine Dragons’ success, Reynolds explained that the new album will partially reflect the band’s experience in shooting to international fame:

“There are a lot of road songs and all the emotions that come with that. I think it will be a special record because it really encapsulated the whole process of going from being a small nothing band to actually playing arenas. There are a lot of interesting things that go on between that. We’re excited with how it’s turning out.”

Reynolds also talked about how the recording process of the upcoming Imagine Dragons album got started: “We took a house here in Vegas, cleared it, renovated it and turned it into a studio. It was like a dream for us, because some of these guys are big-time gear heads. We’re recording the album in that studio here in Las Vegas.”

You can see more of the interview with Imagine Dragons in the video below:

Imagine Dragons are finalists for the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. They have been nominated for 12 different awards, including top artist, top group, top rock artist, and top rock album.

Imagine Dragons also recently contributed original music to the score of the new Transformers film, which Reynolds also talked about in the interview:

“They reached out and asked if we wanted to do something with Hans Zimmer and Steve Jablonsky, who are two of our all-time favorites — they’re legends. It’s incredible to work with them. We all grew up watching the ‘Transformers’ cartoon, it was part of our youth, we’re children of the ’80s.”

The band is certainly keeping busy. The LA Times reported that Imagine Dragons will also be headlining the first Los Angeles edition of Jay Z’s Budweiser Made in America festival alongside John Mayer.

Watch Imagine Dragons perform the song “Tiptoe” below: