Baby’s Vegan Diet Gets Vegetarian Mother Sarah Anne Markham Arrested For Child Neglect

A vegan diet forced on a baby by a vegetarian mother named Sarah Anne Markham ended with the arrest of the mom for child neglect. The mother is accused of refusing to take her young child to a hospital or listening to the advice of a pediatrician because she did not want her baby to consume animal byproducts.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the so-called Paleo diet requires a rich caveman because the price of protein has jumped through the roof recently. But some recent studies claim that vegetarian diets can be dangerous and meat eaters are more healthy:

“Vegetarian diets run higher risks of B12 deficiency, which can lead to joint pain, shortness of breath and other health issues…. The biggest problem with vegetarian diets is that they are low in vitamin B12 and, in the case of veganism, vitamin D, both of which are necessary to the human body. B12 can’t be supplemented by other foods, either, since it’s found solely in fish, meat, dairy and eggs.”

Now police reports claim Markham was told by a pediatrician that her child needed to be taken to Florida Hospital South because the baby was dehydrated and losing weight. Instead, the woman went home believing that the baby’s vegan diet was not causing problems like dehydration because the child was still experiencing bowel movements. She also did not give her baby the prescribed formula because she did not agree with the ingredients, which included animal byproducts, and instead wanted to use only organic soy formula she had purchased at a Whole Food Market.

The Florida Department Of Children and Families received a hotline tip that Markham had not taken her child to the hospital, and police were sent to her apartment. In order to enter the building, police had to use a locksmith. When they interviewed the mother, she claimed she had wanted to get a second opinion on her baby’s condition with a vegan doctor. When police asked for details about this doctor she could only give a name but not an address. Eventually, the mother agreed to take her baby to the hospital but she claimed it was only because she was being forced to comply and she still would not allow her baby to be given any products with animal byproducts.

Unfortunately, about an hour later, Markham still had not left for the hospital, and police decided the mother was not cooperating after she started arguing with them. The police arrested her and the baby was taken to the hospital by a family member, although some reports say the baby was placed in state custody. Reports say Markham had a “carefree attitude” during the ride to the jail and, although she bonded out, she will not see here child until a court hearing.

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Do you think it is safe to put a baby on a vegan diet?