Zayn Malik’s Perfect Date With Perrie Edwards Is Surprisingly Dull

One Direction star Zayn Malik seems to be in quite a rush to get married to fellow pop star Perrie Edwards of the British four-piece band Little Mix. The wedding date might not be set yet, but at the very least Malik is in a hurry to settle down with Perrie, the supposed girl of his dreams.

Zayn recently spoke to Top of the Props magazine about an ideal night with Perrie Edwards and the way that international pop stars spend their time together. A night with Zayn Malik not be as extravagant as you would imagine. In fact, Zayn openly admits his romance with Perrie Edwards aspires to be remarkably normal.

According to Press Party, Malik claimed that a relationship between two extremely famous musicians makes it difficult to find “normal things” to do together.

“It’s very hard to just do normal things now and I’d love nothing more than to watch a film, go bowling and then have a nice meal somewhere after. Literally just sitting and chatting – just normal stuff. It would be amazing to be able to do that. Yeah, it’s totally not exciting, but when you’re that famous, we imagine you crave a little bit of normalcy.”

Zayn and Perrie’s fairy tale wedding will probably be a spectacle of its own, full of expensive decorations and opulence, which is why it’s so strange that Malik’s perfect date is so mundane. Sugarscape claims that Malik’s day-to-day relationship is just as simple. Since most of the relationship is long distance, Zayn and Perrie spend a lot of time chatting over Skype when they aren’t touring the world, recording music and promoting their respective brands.

“I’m not a kind of ‘in your face’ person and neither is Zayn, so we just work. We have a good balance. When we’re hyper, it’s great, and when we’re not it’s great – it’s the perfect balance…Always keep them on their toes, that’s the main thing.”

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards got engaged in 2013. Nobody knows their wedding date yet, but considering how close Zayn and Perrie seem to be, it can’t be far away.

What do you think of Zayn Malik and his bride-to-be? Is it refreshing to hear that a celebrity as big as Malik has the relationship of an average person, or are you disappointed that his romance isn’t as exciting and glamorous as his career? Let us know below!