Man Walks Into NYC McDonald’s With Knife In His Back

A man shocked customers at a Jamaica, Queens McDonald’s yesterday morning (June 24th), when he walked into the restaurant with a knife sticking out of his back and blood running down his white t-shirt.

According to the New York Post, Andrew Hardy, 53, entered the McDonald’s around 10 a.m., calmly speaking on his cellphone. Witness Tromaine Yancey said that Hardy, who appeared surprisingly composed, seemed to be saying his final goodbyes to a family member:

“He was talking to them and telling them it might be the last time he’s speaking to them, he just wanted them to hear his voice.”

Michel Green, a friend of Hardy’s, said the man was “cool and calm” after the stabbing, even though it was obvious he was shaken. “The next thing we know, there [Hardy] goes, telling me he’s got a knife in his back,” Green said, adding that he tried to remove the knife, before a bystander warned him not to, fearing it may have struck an artery.

The knife attack took place on Sutphin Boulevard near 91st Street, just two blocks from the Jamaica Station commuter hub. Hardy was apparently knifed after he attempted to break up a group of men who were hurling glass bottles at one another. Following the attack, a small crowd watched Hardy before he entered the McDonald’s.

Patrons at the McDonald’s were worried that Hardy would pass out and fall backwards onto the knife, according to New York Magazine. Emergency workers were called to the scene and rushed Hardy to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, where he was treated, and surprisingly, released later the same day.

Last month, The Inquisitr reported on another stabbing that took place in Queens. That knife attack left the victim with cuts requiring over 100 stitches, as police searched for suspect Supreme Moye.

Speaking to the New York Post outside his mother’s home in Queens, Hardy said he had no idea who was responsible for the knife in his back, pointing out that since he was stabbed from behind, he didn’t see the man who attacked him. Hardy says he feels “blessed to be alive” after the knife attack, which neither he, nor the customers of the Jamaica McDonald’s, are likely to soon forget.

[Images via MailOnline]