Bill Maher: Barack Obama ‘Drop Dead Atheist’ (Video)

President Barack Obama is an atheist… at least according to comedian Bill Maher.

Maher, making a rare appearance on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” told the Comedy Central host that he believed the American president was a “drop dead atheist.”

“Obama’s always spouting spiritual bullsh*t, and I don’t believe it for a second. He’s a drop dead atheist, absolutely.”

It not the first time the idea that Obama could be an atheist has been thrown out, according to The Washington Times, which pointed to comments made by a guest on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

“Noted scientist and avowed atheist Richard Dawkins said during an October appearance on Mr. Maher’s own HBO show ‘Real Time’: ‘Like many people, I’m sure that Obama is an atheist.'”

As The Blaze points out, the allegation that Obama is, in fact, an atheist was far from the only claims Maher made against prominent Democrats, taking a swipe at former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton for her assertion that the Bible is her favorite book.

“He also took a shot at Hillary Clinton after she said the Bible is her favorite book. ‘You couldn’t find something more violent, like Game of Thrones?’ joked Maher.”

The Glenn Beck-backed website and online television network went onto point out that the conversation was between Maher and Stewart did not necessarily start out with Maher attacking Clinton and Obama’s professed faith, but instead discussing Maher’s possibly political future which led to a discussion on the focus on religion in American society and politics as a whole.

“… you can’t probably run for office on in this country… but I feel like the needle has moved on both of those. I think people have come over to my thinking.”

An Inquisitr article written during the 2012 Presidential Election highlights how Obama’s faith has been continuously questioned throughout his time as a candidate for president and his attempts to counter unfounded claims that he is a follower of Islam.

Obama even addressed the rumors head on, the article explained with this quote from Obama himself.:

“You know, there’s not much I can do about [the Obama is a secret Muslim rumor.]… I have a job to do as President, and that does not involve convincing folks that my faith in Jesus 
is legitimate and real. I do my best to live out my faith, and to stay in the Word, and to make my life look more like His. I’m not perfect. What I can do is just keep on following Him, and serve others—trying to make folks’ lives a little better using this humbling position that I hold.”

What do you think? Is there anything to Maher’s claims that Obama is an atheist? Or is he a Christian as he has professed numerous times?

[Image via Flickr Creative Commons]