‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Ups Caterina Scorsone To Series Regular

Grey’s Anatomy’s Amelia Shepherd is here to stay. Private Practice’s Caterina Scorsone who portrayed Derek Shepherd’s little sister on the Grey’s spinoff show is no longer considered a special “crossing over” guest. Instead TVLine just announced what we were suspecting might happen with Caterina’s sudden appearance towards the last half of the season.

The actress is joining Grey’s Anatomy for good, or at least for season 11. Scorsone’s series regular status will definitely bring something new to the show, which has been up and down in the ratings in its old age. Her addition to the team is one that is welcomed given that the show just lost one of its original characters with Sandra Oh taking her final bow last year.

Amelia Shepherd was introduced as Derek Shepherd’s baby sister prior to season 10. The actress reprised her role as Dr. Amelia “Amy” Shepherd several times through different crossover events.

Back in May the actress teased all of the possibilities that might be in store for Amelia’s future prior to the airing of the season finale.
At the time Caterina told TV Guide:

“She’s going to be hanging out in Seattle at least until the end of the season and grappling with questions both personal and professional.”

Last year the Private Practice regular unexpectedly walked back into her brother Derek’s life again, which seems to happen with all of his sisters. Prior to being reintroduced in season 10 she didn’t have the best relationship with her brother, due to her past with drug addiction. The two never saw eye to eye and usually bumped heads, which was revisited last season, but squashed before the season was over. Before the season’s end Amelia was estranged from her fiance James, who was played by Matt Long on Private Practice, but never made an appearance on Grey’s Anatomy.

Before their relationship ended Scorsone didn’t have confidence that we would see Matt Long on Grey’s when problems in their relationship popped up on the ABC hit medical drama.

“We see that James is not happy with the fact that Amelia has abandoned ship a little bit and hitched over to Seattle to freak out. There’s a lot of discussion and Amelia is talking to James very actively, but we don’t actually see Matt’s lovely face.”

Earlier in April the actress remained hopeful despite Amelia’s storyline being rocky that Shonda Rhimes would give baby Shepherd a home at Seattle Grace.

“There are so many complicated aspects to where this story could go in the future. I would absolutely be game to play in this world as long as she wanted me there.”

In addition to Scorsone, it looks like Kelly McCreary, who plays Dr. Richard Webber’s secret love daughter and Meredith Grey-Shepherd’s half sister, may just stick around too.

[Image via ABC Studios]