‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Will Amelia Shepherd Stay On The Show?

Is Grey’s Anatomy adding another friendly face to its show for good? With the upcoming departure of Dr. Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) Grey’s Anatomy may be adding Dr. Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) to the mix on a permanent basis. It wouldn’t be such a surprise either, because Scorsone has played Amelia Shepherd, the youngest of McDreamy’s sisters, on the spin off show Private Practice for a number of years.

Before last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy Dr. Amelia “Amy” Shepherd has made several appearances on the medical show due to various crossover events.

Scorsone opened up to TV Guide about the possibility of Amy staying on Grey’s Anatomy. “She’s going to be hanging out in Seattle at least until the end of the season and grappling with questions both personal and professional.”

When she first walked into her big brother Derek’s life again, she was determined to see if she could take care of his kids for a day. She was so passionate about keeping the house in order because before Private Practice ended, Amelia found herself engaged to James (Matt Long). Unfortunately Amelia, who usually has a chaotic mess that follows her around, didn’t have the best adventures in babysitting and wound up having to be comforted by her older brother as she fell apart.

The one thing that might throw a wrench in Amelia Shepherd moving to Seattle for good is her fiance James. According to the actress Amy’s fiance will confront her about fleeing their home in California for Seattle on a whim, even if we won’t physically see Matt Long as her fiance.

“We see that James is not happy with the fact that Amelia has abandoned ship a little bit and hitched over to Seattle to freak out. There’s a lot of discussion and Amelia is talking to James very actively, but we don’t actually see Matt’s lovely face.”

Another issue to deal with is Amy’s contentious relationship with her brother Derek. Over the last few years they have gone back and forth in order to try to fix their issues that were cemented while Amy struggled with addiction. Now that she’s sober, things may slowly start to change between Derek and Amelia.

“He seems to have eased up on her a little in terms of her status as the black sheep of the family. He’s forgiven her for some of her past behavior as he’s seen her mature and deal with her own tragedies and come through them with grace.”

Hopefully Amelia will find a place in Seattle for good.

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