Video Showing Baby Goats Running Around A Farm Goes Viral. Again.

There are some videos that you watch and wonder how on earth it managed notch up so many views. The one we are talking about today is of similar nature. There is nothing remarkable about it. There is no editing as such or fancy graphics to enhance your viewing experience.

What it does feature however are goats. Baby goats. Lots of them.

Earlier this month, The Inquistr posted a video of 44 little goats running around Sunflower farm. That video, uploaded on June 3, has until now managed to rake up over 2.5 million views. The uploaders, not satisfied with just one offering, has now uploaded another video showing all those 44 goats again. This one seems to have been shot from a better angle and does not have those annoying vertical bands you saw in their previous video. So, in case you were disappointed with the previous goat video, this one should satiate your hunger for an adorable baby goat video.

The video shows nothing but a bunch of cute little goats jumping off a small hay-covered platform and randomly running around. Towards the end of the video, which is all of 47 seconds long, some of the more inquisitive goats are seen approaching the camera and investigating. And that pretty much it.

But that was good enough, as made obvious by its view count. This new upload has been around since June 15 is already over 377,000 views. In case you are done with the goats, why not take a look at this video that shows not 44, but thousands of ducks all over the place?

[Image via YouTube]