Bizarre Video: You Have Never Seen This Many Ducks In One Place — Or Any Place, Until Now

Not too long ago, The Inquisitr brought you a video showing a stampede of 44 baby goats. Now, once again, we prove that we are your number one destination for small-animal stampedes, with this video from Thailand, in which some poor guy’s morning commute is brought to a halt by a stampede of ducks.

And there are more than 44 ducks here. A lot more.

In fact, there appears to be an infinite number of ducks in this duck stampede. Where the heck are they all coming from? We don’t speak Thai, but judging from his own facial expressions, we don’t think the guy in this video has any idea either. But the ducks just keep coming and coming.

Did you know that the correct collective nouns for a group of ducks are a “raft” of ducks, or a “paddling” of ducks — or even a “team” of ducks? We didn’t either, but we do now. And we’re still going to call this a “stampede.” Watch this bizarre little video and you will definitely see why.

The video first appeared on a Thai Facebook page. When we tried to figure out the name of the page owner using Google Translate, we came up with “Jack Paradigm Charan.” But somehow, we don’t think that’s right.

Help us out here, Thai speakers (and readers).

Facebook also offers its own translations, using the Bing translation engine. So we went looking for some explanation of this mind-boggling duck video in the Facebook comments below the original posting. Needless to say, we didn’t have much luck.

Our favorite comment came out like this:

“Wife: where is why would return home shortly. Husband: Gu stick ducks are Union. Infected ducks!! Wife: huh!! how about ‘I am addicted to ya baby Hey who needs an excuse. ‘ I was sure. Out of the mouth come out yourself! Husband: wait a minute, an amount of rain the next ducks kup said little a. Wife: another little: also. “I certainly Don. E bad husband”

So it all seems much clearer now.

Anyway, enjoy this video of a stampede of ducks and just be glad this isn’t your daily commute.

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