George W. Bush Refuses To Criticize Barack Obama On ISIS-Iraq Conflict

Scott Rutherford - Author

Dec. 20 2017, Updated 8:37 p.m. ET

George W. Bush appears to be living by the age-old creed “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” when it comes to Barack Obama’s handling of ISIS and the violence in Iraq.

An ABC News report quoted George W. Bush spokesman Freddy Ford saying this about the situation on June 13, when the violence in Iraq was just beginning to build:

“President Bush has vowed not to criticize his successor and does not have a comment.”

The statement is consistent with the stance George W. Bush has taken since leaving the White House in 2008. The younger President Bush has largely attempted to stay out of the public eye since leaving office.

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True to his word, George W. Bush has not made public comments about the situation in Iraq or how the Obama Administration has handled – or not handled – ISIS and the Sunni uprising in Iraq.

In related reports in the Inquisitr, George W. Bush’s father George H.W. Bush recently participated in a parachute drop with the Army’s Golden Knights to celebrate his 90th birthday and was lauded for his volunteerism by Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former President Bill Clinton – whom Americans recently named America’s most forgivable liar – and likely 2016 presidential Hillary Clinton.

While George W. Bush has refused to openly criticize his successor, many suggest that Republicans need to take the gloves off if they want to beat Hillary (or whomever the Democrats nominate) in 2016. Additionally, some have suggested that ISIS finding and capturing Iraqi chemical weapon manufacturing facilities may serve to vindicate George W. Bush’s decision to invade Iraq after Bush has endured years of criticism over the failure to find stockpiles of WMDs in Iraq.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has not been quite as silent in his appraisal of President Barack Obama’s handling of the Iraq crisis. Cheney and his daughter have braved the media storm calling his own part in the invasion of Iraq to very publicly decry Obama’s handling of the ISIS uprising and the violence in Iraq.

The American Thinkerquotes George W. Bush’s explanation of his decision to veto Democratic-proposed legislation that demanded a drawdown of U.S. forces in Iraq in 2007:

“It would mean surrendering the future of Iraq to al Qaeda. It would mean that we’d be risking mass killings on a horrific scale. It would mean we’d allow the terrorists to establish a safe haven in Iraq to replace the one they lost in Afghanistan. It would mean increasing the probability that American troops would have to return at some later date to confront an enemy that is even more dangerous.”

So far, we have no record of George W. Bush saying, “I told you so.”

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