Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Obama Dumping Illegal Immigrants In Arizona On Purpose

Sheriff Joe Arpaio claims that President Obama is dumping illegal immigrants in Arizona on purpose in order to fulfill his political goals at the expense of the American people. But he’s not the only sheriff in AZ making the same type of claim.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Sarah Palin claims Obama is manufacturing a humanitarian crisis with the children of illegal immigrants. Reports claim that hundreds of illegal aliens are being dumped in Arizona at a bus stop and even illegal immigrant criminals with serious crimes like rape, murder, and kidnapping are being released into the public.

With a recent history like this Sheriff Joe is calling the White House out:

“The White House is incompetent and the dumping of illegals is intentional. I got my own theory. I think the White House sometimes is incompetent, but I can’t imagine them doing this without realizing that there was going to be controversy. That’s sad, in a way. But you know what? It doesn’t bother me. Actually, I love challenges. The more they go after me, the more happy I am, and I’m not going to surrender…. We’re the greatest country in the universe. You’re trying to tell me that we can’t control the illegal immigration coming into our country?”

In addition, there has been a surge of “children” crossing the border which the National Border Patrol believe are Mexican gang members based upon the gang tattoos worn by many of them. The Department of Homeland Security announced that more than 52,000 illegal minors had been arrested at the U.S. border between October of 2013 and June 15, 2014, doubling the rate from the previous year.

Sheriff Arpaio also believes this is a problem being created by Obama:

“Why are they hiding these kids from the media? Well, I think I have a theory here. I don’t think they’re all young kids. I would bet there are 16-, 17-year-olds. How do we know they’re not members of a gang coming across?”

Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu, who is in charge of Pinal County in the southern portion of the state, also claims that President Obama is to blame for the surge in illegal immigrants:

“This president not only doesn’t get it, he has completely failed in his core responsibilities to enforce the law and secure our border. There is no longer any law when it comes to immigration. He’s now termed it as ‘a humanitarian crisis.”

Do you agree with Sheriff Joe Arpaio that President Obama is not doing enough about the problem with illegal immigrants?