WWE News: The Real Reason WWE Fired One Of Their Head Writers Last Week

Joe Burgett

It seems that the WWE has been going through a "change" of sorts. For the last few weeks, they have made "budget cutting" moves that many were not happy about, but simply had to be done. WWE even cut out unneeded expenses like Bad New Barrett's lift and Fandando's gold curtain that one truck would carry, saving them a quarter million a year alone.

WWE also fired a large number of staff and roster members. One in particular that puzzled many fans was the release of one of WWE's head writers, Jay Gibson. Gibson mainly wrote for WWE RAW. Many felt that cutting a head writer didn't make much sense, especially Gibson who had only been with WWE for 5 months. Many would think he had limited time to impress, however it made perfect sense to cut him to those within WWE.

Apparently Gibson's release was not a budget move, the relationship with he and WWE was simply not working out.

Gibson didn't actually write anything himself. Rather, he put a team of writers together to work on specific storylines for shows or work with different wrestlers. Gibson himself didn't have much knowledge about the WWE product, which is probably why he gathered up those to help who actually were familiar with what was going on. WWE hired Gibson mainly because of his entertainment credits.

WWE has hired movie or TV writers before to help them, as the wrestling writer seemed to be dead in WWE's eyes.

Due to the fact Gibson rarely if ever wrote a show for WWE, his release will not really affect WWE. His delegation a daily basis meant that without him, WWE could function well. The sign you don't need someone is when you are the same with them or without them, and Gibson was simply not needed.

This basically means WWE shows will not take much of a bump, so storylines and angles most likely won't change drastically if at all.

When Vince McMahon fired head writers or simply reassigned them, a lot of new material was seen on TV. Gibson was let go almost two weeks ago and nothing has really changed. Most feel that WWE is doing a great job storyline wise and that the current angles will be extended heading into SummerSlam in August.

WWE has a lot of material to use with Daniel Bryan comes back and currently The Shield members are at the height of their popularity, so it will be interesting to see what WWE decides to do in the coming months with all four individuals. Many feel WWE could surprise us at the Money in the Bank PPV with some new material, but we shall see.

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