English Soccer Fans In Sao Paulo Attacked By Thugs With Fireworks, Police Seize ‘Arsenal’

English Fans Attacked

English soccer fans in Sau Paulo were attacked by local thugs, whom used Molotov cocktails, bottles, and fireworks as their arsenal.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the reason for English fans being in Sau Paulo is to support their team in the crucial World Cup match against Uruguay. Unfortunately, England did not win their match, which is similar to when Costa Rica stunned Italy and won their match against them. However, it wasn’t as shocking as the match between the 2010 champs, Spain, going against the Netherlands, in which the champions were demolished in a 5-1 loss.

In a report by the Daily Mail, the thugs who assaulted the English fans were dressed in black and showed their disdain by ripping up England flags right outside the bar, Guanabara Pub, where the English fans were watching the game. The bar itself is located near the FIFA official Fan Festival Area in Anhangabaú. Fortunately, the thugs didn’t have a prayer for escape as authorities were able to round them all up. Right now, they are still being held in the Sao Paulo district police station awaiting some form of punishment for hurting the English fans, who had done nothing to deserve being assaulted in the first place.

Newsmax includes more details and statements pertaining to the situation. When it comes to what eyewitnesses have told the authorities, a police spokesman told AFP the following:

“A group of people threw fireworks near to the fan fest. Six flares and other fireworks were confiscated and 15 persons arrested.”

Other weaponry was also seized which included a knife and a knuckleduster (brass knuckles). Also, the fact that 30,000 people can gain access into the fan fest area at its max, it is good to see that the authorities were able to keep the peace, though maybe they were prepared because almost every soccer match ends in a soccer riot.

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