Who’s The Better Scientist? Sir Isaac Newton Or Bill Nye? Only One Way To Settle This… In An Epic Rap Battle Of History!

Epic LLOYD and Nice Peter have released their latest Epic Rap Battles of History, and this time, it is Sir Isaac Newton going against Bill Nye.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, season three of Epic Rap Battles of History have matched some of the most entertaining personalities which include Joan of Arc versus Miley Cyrus, Michael Jordan versus Muhammad Ali, and their latest battle, a battle that is constantly debated among comic book and anime fans, Goku versus Superman. With the latter match, Goku and Superman are now at one win each if you include their Death Battle, in which we reported was one of the top ten best battles ever. As for Bill Nye, this battle was far more entertaining than his debate against Ken Ham earlier this year.

Compared to other videos in the official YouTube page for Epic Rap Battles of History, this one gets some major star power because they were able to get “Weird” Al Yankovic to rap the role for Sir Isaac Newton. For those who are unfamiliar with the comedy genius, he is known for parodying famous songs by other artists. He is so well-loved an admired, other musical artists consider it an honor to be parodied by “Weird” Al Yankovich. Madonna and Michael Jackson are prime examples of artists he has parodied, but his most popular parody today is White & Nerdy, a parody of Ridin’ by Chamilionaire.

Also, this battle is actually getting some attention from the science community. Science Magazine actually included it as reported news, which is a first since they usually report strictly on news of a scientific nature, either it be twin tornadoes not being uncommon or that superbananas could fight a vitamin A deficiency. Seriously, maybe the reason why they included the battle is because it makes a cameo of another YouTube star playing the role of Neil deGrasse Tyson, of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.

So who do you think won this Epic Rap Battle of History? Fire away in the comments below!

[Image via Epic Rap Battles of History Screenshot]