Superman And Goku Finally Battle… In An Epic Rap Battle Of History!

For the longest time, fellow nerds and geeks have wondered if Goku, from the Dragonball Series, were to fight against Superman, who would win? Screwattack did their version with their “Death Match” series, as reported here on The Inquisitr. However, that is still not official, nor will we ever see an official fight. Still, fellow nerds and geeks will keep dreaming about the fantasy Goku vs. Superman fight for years to come, but for now, the boys behind the Epic Rap Battles of History will provide us with their answer to the dynamic showdown… in a rap battle, of course.

Epic Rap Battles of History has been extremely popular on Youtube, and for the past three seasons, have brought us epic match-ups via rap battles. Now, EpicLLOYD and Nice Peter, the masterminds behind the series, are in the midst of season three, and they are now bringing us a battle fans have wanted for the longest time: Goku vs. Superman. For those who are a little ignorant on both contestants, Goku is the main character of a popular anime series known as the Dragonball series, which became prominent in the United States when Dragonball Z was ported to the Cartoon Network. Superman is iconic in comic book lore. Considered the mascot icon for DC (which is argued among many between him and Batman), Superman has been the central character in many DC comics, cartoons, and movies, in which the latter may or may not be good.

The reason why a Goku vs. Superman showdown is so epic is their abilities and status in their respective areas of popularity. Superman has always been advertised as the “Man of Steel” who is faster than a speeding bullet and can leap tall buildings in a single bound. The same goes with Goku, and for many Americans who like anime (that’s Japanese animation for those who haven’t heard of the term), he is considered as the Japanese equivalent of Superman. And that is why a Goku vs. Superman showdown would be — and is — so epic.

Unfortunately, DC and Funimation would probably not be in the business of collaborating because their styles are so different, and I am sure they don’t want their iconic hero to fall to a “foreign character.” Nerds and geeks know about the struggle the United States and Japan have against each other on certain forms of entertainment, especially video games.

Until then, we can only enjoy all the sweet sick rhymes in this Goku vs. Superman epic battle… an epic rap battle of history, that is!

[Image via Goku vs. Superman Epic Rap Battle of History Video]

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