Victoria Beckham Wore A Recycled Dress To First Date With David Beckham

To celebrate “Throwback Thursday”, Victoria Beckham, who is 40, posted a photo of the dress she wore on her first date when she met husband David Beckham. In the picture, she showcased her ’90s era suede mini-dress with built in belt. Becks captioned the photo:

“Look what I found! The dress I wore on my first date with David!! X so cute!! X vb”

For those who aren’t aware, the couple met in 1997 and, according to them, hit it off almost immediately. This was a year that the all-girl group from England, otherwise known as the Spice Girls, was really hitting it big. Pictures of Posh Spice modeling this same dress surfaced.

It’s hard to believe that such a fashion-forward maven of the industry would have ever worn the same dress twice. But these were the life and times before Victoria officially launched her fashion line. Furthermore, it looks like David Beckham didn’t mind much that her dress was recycled.

Meanwhile, David Beckham is still negotiating a deal to bring a MLS team to Miami. His past two attempts to win the go-ahead allowing him to break ground on his new stadium have been rejected by the city of Miami. Recently, however, the democratic congressman Joe Garcia has reached out to David, suggesting that he move his stadium to Homestead, a South Dade community with an existing fan base for the sport. In his open letter to Miami Beckham United, Garcia wrote:

“In addition to the residents of the City of Miami, these South Dade communities would help form a devoted fan base that would fuel attendance at games and contribute to a strong sense of solidarity with a with the team.”

Mr. and Mrs. Beckham are rumored to have already put down roots in Miami. Earlier in the year, rumors surfaced that the two were putting in a bid on the famed Gianni Versace estate. The mansion sprawls across 23,000 square feet with a reported price tag of $41.5 million. Opposing articles state that the two have not actually placed a bid but that an investment firm has actually secured the location from the Versace family to create a boutique hotel.