Martha Stewart Love: 72-Year-Old Stewart Is Looking For Love Again

Martha Stewart is looking for love. The 72-year-old sat down with Haute Life magazine for an interview that will be published in their July issue. Stewart told the mag that she would love to find someone to share her life with — a “more regular male companion.” According to Mail Online, Stewart says that she doesn’t want to be alone anymore. Even though she’s older, Stewart would welcome love back into her life again.

Despite having gone through a pretty tough divorce, Martha seems open to finding a new love interest. It is nice to have someone to share things with — to catch a movie with or what have you.

If Martha Stewart could find love again, her life could become more full. Regardless of how her past might have left her, Martha deserves to be happy again, doesn’t she?

Biographer Jerry Oppenheimer explained:

“I was shocked and surprised that Martha is still looking for a man in her life after having a terrible history through the years with men. She had a hellish marriage of more than a quarter century during which she treated her husband shabbily. It was a horrific union that ended in a nasty divorce. Everyone, even Martha, deserves love and happiness and I hope she finds it. Unless now in her 70s she’s considerably mellowed, I think finding Mr. Right is going to be a tough road for her.”

A new Martha Stewart love will not be some random guy that does not bring much to the table, however. Martha says that a love interest must be “an amenable kind of person” according to FOX News. She says, for instance, that she isn’t interested in dating any married men — something that could easily become a problem with suitors in her age group.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Martha isn’t the easiest person to get along with. In 2013, Martha broke her iPad and took to Twitter to talk about. She sent numerous tweets out, angering Apple, and getting on people’s nerves. While some people don’t think that Stewart did anything wrong by venting her frustrations, a lot of men would be turned off by something like that.

Do you think Martha Stewart will found love again? Where do you think she should look? Perhaps we will see her on an upcoming season of The Bachelorette… or not.

[Photo courtesy of Dimitrios Kambouris via ABC News]