Caught On Tape: See What Got This Bus Driver Fired — Hasn’t He Ever Heard Of Security Cameras?

A bus driver in Albuquerque lost his job after 14 years of driving passengers to their destinations around New Mexico’s largest city with a spotless record. Why? He did something on a public bus that he really should not do in that setting — and he apparently forgot that the bus had a security camera that kept rolling through the entire episode.

“I was raised to be a gentleman,” said Rick De Reyes of Albuquerque’s bus system, ABQ Ride “And I’m hoping I’m keeping up to that standard. For me to describe what’s on this video makes me very uncomfortable.”

But De Reyes called what bus driver Alex Gonzales was caught on tape doing “an egregious violation of the rules,” and that ABQ Ride was left with no choice but to hand the veteran driver his walking papers.

Here’s what happened, and why Alex Gonzales is looking for a new place of employment today.

The date was May 6. Gonzales’s bus stopped at a station located at Tramway and Montgomery in Albuquerque and the bus had completely emptied out — except for one female passenger who on the video waits for Gonzales toward the back of the bus.

Officials say that Gonzales never collected a fare from the woman seen in the video.

In full view of the security camera, Gonzales rises from the driver’s seat and walks toward the back of the bus toward the woman, announcing, “You know what time it is!”

He then sits across from the woman briefly — at which point the woman moves closer to Gonzales and proceeds to gift him with what Albuquerque’s KRQE TV described as an act of oral sex.

In addition to the security camera which caught the entire proceedings on tape, Gonzales and the woman were also visible to passers-by outside the bus. The act went on for quite some time, long enough for a man pushing a stroller to come by the bus stop. An outside surveillance camera shows the man with the baby stroller approach the bus.

Once the act is completed, Gonzales gets up and returns to the driver’s seat, declaring, “Man! If I could sell that I could make a million dollars!”

Though the man with the stroller boards the bus once Gonzales has returned to the driver’s seat, he clearly saw what had transpired earlier because he later filed a complaint with ABQ Ride officials.

“The majority of our drivers we believe are very ethical people, we have reason to believe that this is obviously, a very, very isolated sort of incident,” De Reyes said.

A local news report containing a heavily censored and edited version of the tape is below.

Though the bus driver who was caught on tape in a compromising situation was not fired until Friday, June 13, he had been barred from driving for about a month while ABQ Ride conducted an investigation, according to De Reyes.