Play Angry Birds New Game: Angry Birds Space Beak Impact

Angry Birds is back, Jack, and this time it’s even more out of this world! Enter Angry Birds Space Beak Impact, an Angry Birds Space add-on that maintains the same concepts of space physics game-play (think weightlessness, gravity wells and orbital trajectories), but injects hundreds of asteroids into the mix!

According to NASA’s associate administrator for the Office of Communications, David Weaver, NASA teamed up with Angry Birds’ game developer Rovio Entertainment yet again (the first time was in 2012) to “reach millions of gamers and use the fictional universe [of Angry Birds Space Beak Impact ] to point players to real information about asteroids, why NASA studies them and how they fit into our exploration path to Mars.”

He was referring to a planned mission to Mars that NASA hopes to launch by the mid 2030s. Bringing this to fruition first requires using a robotic spacecraft to snatch up an asteroid and toss it into the moon’s orbit, reports NBC News. The goal is to use the asteroid as a training playground for potential Mars candidates. They would be tasked with landing on and exploring the asteroid for the purpose of acquiring the skills needed to survive the lengthy trip. The mission would also empower NASA scientists with the added scientific knowledge needed to hopefully ward off potentially hazardous asteroids that might threaten Earth.

The release of Beak Impact also coincides with the second-year anniversary of Angry Birds Space. It initially launched for the iOS and Android operating systems on March 22, 2012, to much fanfare from players. IGN referred to it as the only Angry Birds sequel that actually felt “like a sequel.” Meanwhile, players at PC Magazine labeled it as a “no-brainer” game to play.

Regardless, Beak Impact adds along 40 new and exciting interstellar levels (not to mention 10 bonus levels) for you to play that are brimming with hard-to-dodge asteroids. Also included are hidden NASA spacecraft like the Orion Crew Vehicle and the Deep Impact probe. If you find them, you then get linked to NASA resources where you can learn more about what they are, what they do, etc.

Also included with Angry Birds Space Beak Impact is (wait for it) a brand new birdy! And his name happens to be the Mighty Buzzard, in obvious honor of legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Other features for you to enjoy as you play the game include wormholes, gas tanks, gas batteries and of course asteroid showers.

Ready to play Angry Birds? First take some time to check the trailer below:

Image via [NASA]

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