Calvin Harris Heads To The Studio With Ellie Goulding

Calvin Harris isn’t letting his recent breakup with Rita Ora get in the way of helping other recording artists with their musical endeavors.

The DJ and Ellie Goulding previously teamed up for the track “I Need Your Love,” a tune that has generated over 175 million views on VEVO’s YouTube channel. Since the pair struck gold with that collaboration, Harris and the singer reportedly headed back to the studio to whip up another slice of magic.

To let everyone know that she’s working with Calvin Harris on another project, Ellie issued a photograph of the two working together on Instagram. Warning: The image in question features a playful middle finger. If that sort of thing offends you, then please squint your eyes and keeping scrolling.

Here’s another piece of photographic evidence. Again, there’s a middle finger standing alone in the pic, so approach with extreme caution.

2DayFM reports that it didn’t take long for folks to wonder if there’s a romance brewing between Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding. While that’s anybody’s guess at the moment, there’s always a possibility that the pair are just working on music together. Just because a guy and a gal take a photograph together doesn’t mean they’re getting frisky.

For those who haven’t heard the news, Calvin Harris and Rita Ora recently decided to call it quits. Although everyone seems to have ideas about their breakup, the pair haven’t released any specifics about their shattered romance as of this writing.

However, this isn’t stopping folks from spitting out a few theories. The Inquisitr previously reported that their split may have something to do with Ora getting in touch with Rob Kardashian. Depending on who you believe, Harris wasn’t at all happy about the situation.

An anonymous source recently dished to Heat magazine:

“About a month ago, Rita was in touch with Rob because she was worried about him – he’s put on so much weight and she’d heard rumours about him heading to rehab. She knows he blames their break-up for his weight gain, so she just wanted to check in on him. But Calvin found out that they were back in contact and they had this massive row, where he accused her of cheating. She tried to explain, but it seems he has serious issues with trust.”

Do you think there’s anything romantic brewing between Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding? Are you looking forward to their next collaboration?

[Image via Bing]