Rita Ora Wants Calvin Harris Back?

The Inquisitr reported on DJ Calvin Harris’ split from Rita Ora earlier this month, as well as Ora’s apparent desire to move on. Now it seems her mind has changed. According to Reveal, Rita already wants Calvin Harris back.

Calvin initially announced the breakup via Twitter, tweeting, “Myself and Rita ended our relationship some time ago. She is a beautiful, talented woman and I wish her all the best.” A source close to Rita supposedly came forward to say she regrets the breakup. “Rita was left embarrassed when Calvin tweeted it was all over,” said the source. “She didn’t think he was going to make the announcement, so she was shocked.”

According to Entertainment.ie, Harris dumped Ora after she took a secret trip to Los Angeles. Calvin learned that Rita had taken a suspicious trip to the city where he lives without stopping to see him by talking to the driver who took her to a hotel. Rita has yet to come forward explaining the trip, so fans of Harris and Ora will have to wonder what Calvin discovered that led to their split.

According to Entertainment Wise, Rita also made the mistake of getting in touch with Rob Kardashian, an ex of hers, in the middle of her relationship with Calvin Harris. She apparently contacted Rob to support him in his struggle with his weight, but Harris felt betrayed. A source told Heat magazine:

“She knows he blames their break-up for his weight gain, so she just wanted to check in on him. But Calvin found out that they were back in contact and they had this massive row, where he accused her of cheating. She tried to explain, but it seems he has serious issues with trust.”

After the incident with Rob Kardashian, Rita allegedly begged Calvin Harris to take her back, but he refused. Ora’s friends say she is still trying to recover from the breakup with Calvin, because he was the only man she could trust. Another source released the following statement:

“Rita’s crushed by the spit, as Calvin was just about the only person in her life who would tell it to her straight. She’s belatedly realized she’s surrounded by nodding dogs, who never say no to her. With her career going from strength to strength, she reckons she needs real people around her. Calvin was brilliant for that but he got sick of the hangers on and felt the relationship was going nowhere. Rita still hopes they can work it out, because there was never any great argument between them, but Calvin has been quite clear.”

What do you think? Does Rita actually want to get back together with Calvin Harris, or is she just feeling the pangs of loneliness?

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