Robert Pattinson Reveals His Teenage Rap Name [Video]

Here’s one thing we bet you didn’t know about Robert Pattinson. While there’s a bunch of gossip about the actor’s love life going around, Pattinson decided to divulge new information that might surprise some of his fans. The actor was a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers to promote his film, The Rover, and during the segment Robert revealed that he was a teenage rapper.

We’ll let you sit on that for a few seconds. Robert Pattinson, the Twilight hunk who is currently trying to make a go of it as a serious actor, was a teenage rapper. At 14-years-old Pattinson, like any other boy listening to the likes of Eminem and 50 cent, aspired to become a rapper.

The first thing one needs to do to take the rap world by storm is to have an ultra cool rap name for street cred and branding. If Pattinson’s rapping career took off he would have been known as Big Tub. The Former Twilight vampire revealed to Seth Meyers on Tuesday, “I was Big Tub, that was my rap name.”

He admitted that there’s a part of him that still wants to become a rap star at some point, but fortunately that looks like that urge will stay at bay.

When Meyers questioned the meaning behind Pattinson’s Big Tub name, the actor explained:

“I was very paranoid about my weight.”

It appears that old habits die hard because Pattinson still watches his weight. He explained that just recently he had gotten sick and, “I’m so excited about it. Next week I’m going to be so skinny!”

Unlike some teen boys, he didn’t just dream of becoming a rapper. He made a real effort and actually recorded songs under his moniker Big Tub. For Pattinson it was a challenge that makes for a pretty funny talking bit.

“I didn’t know how to scratch so I used to pull up and down the zip on my hoodie and record it. It sounds exactly like it! [We were] Big Tub and the Tabby Cats.”

Fortunately Pattinson isn’t completely musically inept. The actor is very serious about his music even though it has taken a back seat to his acting career over the last few years. Aside from singing drunken karaoke with Katy Perry, every now and then Pattinson will show up to a random dive and play a tune on his guitar.

Watch the actor reminisce about his rapping past:

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