Mr. Peanut Nutmobile

Mr. Peanut Gets A Brand New Flashy ‘Pimped Out’ Ride

Vivek Saxena - Author

Jun. 28 2018, Updated 5:33 p.m. ET

Mr. Peanut is ridin’ dirty, ladies and gentlemen! Real dirty! According to The Huffington Post, Mr. Peanut has been handed a brand new super-duper fly NUTmobile that, as you can see from the picture below, has the ladies (and some dudes) going wild!

Mr. Peanut’s new ride will be officially unveiled this Wednesday in Chicago. According to HuffPo, it measures 27 feet long and holds up to 30 gallons of fuel. It also purportedly has about the same mileage as a suburban SUV.

So What Exactly Is Happening?

Jokes aside, the NUTmobile is basically a marketing tool utilized by Planters (the company behind such delicacies like cocktail peanuts, cornnuts, and honey roasted peanuts) for the purpose of creating “countless memories” and of course exposing the public to the brand.

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A total of three new NUTmobiles will be unveiled in Chicago. Afterward, each vehicle will be sent off to a different portion of the country for the much-anticipated “Mr. Peanut’s NUTMobile Tour.”

Each NUTmobile will be driven by a savvy team of young college graduates known as “Peanutters.” Quite original, yes?

How Long Have These Things Existed?

These peanut-shaped vehicles have been around for a whole lot longer than you think. The first one was actually built way back in 1935 by an entrepreneurial Planters vendor who wanted to up his sales. Unfortunately, the idea didn’t gain any traction with the corporate department until 1999, when Planters released Mr. Peanut’s HotRod:

Why the NASCAR theme? Apparently, Planters’ delectable peanut products were named NASCAR’s official snack.

When Was The Last Time Mr. Peanut Got A New Ride?

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The last time Mr. Peanut’s ride got an overhaul was back in 2011, when the lucky fellow got himself a brand-new environmentally friendly NUTmobile based on a 2011 Isuzu NPR diesel truck. According to Wired, the ride contained every environmentally feature possible, from energy-efficient lights to solar panels and even a wind turbine!

Plus, practically the whole vehicle was built from recycled parts. The floorboards were pieced together from pieces of a dismantled barn, while the windshield was made from recycled glass.

Unfortunately, Mr. Peanut didn’t get to hit the road with it until sometime in 2013.

To see a video demonstration of the Mr. Peanut’s 2011 vehicle (which by the way was only 24 feet long), check the video below. We’d share a video of the new one with you, but we don’t have one quite yet!


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