Couple Commit Suicide Outside Of Church Where They Were Married

Vegas couple Patricia and Bruce Wright made a pact to take their own lives in front of the same Florida church where they wed 40 years ago.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal the couple were discovered by the churches pastor early Sunday morning with a shotgun and rifle next to their bodies.

The plan did not go according to plan, Bruce, 60, died on the scene while his 57-year-old wife was rushed to the hospital but died shortly after arrival.

Family members say the couple rarely communicated with them, while one nephew said of the situation:

“It was a romantic tragedy,” while adding, “Life started for the two of them there, and that’s officially where life ended for them.” He went on to note, I don’t want to say they were black sheep because they weren’t, but they were odd sheep.”

The couple never had children and spent their time living in Alaska, Washington and Florida before moving to Las Vegas. It appears that they traveled back to Florida only for the purpose of ending their own lives, although no suicide note has been discovered.

[img: ABC7]