Church On Swift: Eric Talks Supposed Dislike of Taylor

Rolling Stone’s first country music issue has Eric Church opening up about many topics, and they even got some scoop from Church on Swift. There have been rumors for quite some time that Church and Taylor Swift had issues with one another, but now he’s trying to set the record straight.

The supposed issues date back to the singer releasing a teaser video before his album where Taylor quipped at the CMAs that she was glad he was booted from the Rascal Flatts tour, a spot he then got. The video had the phrase “One Will Rise and One Will Fall,” and Swift fans got quite worked up about the perceived diss. Now Rolling Stone gets Church on Swift and the controversy, and it does seem it was one big misunderstanding.

Eric Church says that he was on the tour bus when he saw what Taylor Swift said at the CMAs and he loved it. He says that “we wanted to pay homage to our path and what this record was, going with what Taylor said.” Church adds that what they meant was that one of his singles would fall while the new one rose. What he didn’t intend was for the video to be perceived as a diss on Taylor.

Church adds, “I love Taylor… we’re buds. All of a sudden I’m calling out Taylor, and it couldn’t have been farther from the truth.” He says it was blown out of proportion and he’s never experienced anything quite like it. As country music fans know, Taylor Swift’s fans can certainly be vocal and passionate. Church says they took the video down because the dialogue escalated to a bad place.

As Examiner notes, as Church talked Swift, he pointed out that his little boy Boone calls Taylor “Aunt Tay Tay.” Eric says that he and Taylor have laughed about all of the drama, and there truly is no issue between them. Hopefully this interview can put to rest the idea that the two stars have bad blood between them.

The big country issue of Rolling Stone is on stands now. In it, Eric Church opens up about a number of other topics as well. He tackles the issue where he seemingly dissed Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green regarding The Voice, and he opens up about the state of country music, scalpers, inspiration and how he aims to top himself as well.

Will fans now settle down after the clarification from Church on Swift?