TNA News: Team 3D To Be Inducted Into TNA’s Hall Of Fame

It has become custom for TNA to announce the newest Hall of Fame inductee at Slammiversary each year and they did not disappoint, claiming that Team 3D will be the new co-inductees in the TNA Hall of Fame. Why a company that has only been around a little over a decade needs a Hall of Fame, I’ll never know. I digress however.

Kurt Angle, last year’s inductee, announced that the team would go in at TNA’s annual kick off to the summer PPV, Slammiversary this past Sunday night. TNA announced them at this event, then officially inducts the newest Hall of Famer at their biggest PPV of the year, Bound for Glory.

Team 3D, also known as The Dudley’s and Dudley Boys are the most decorated tag team in history. They have my vote as the best tag team in history, so they both clearly worthy of the Hall of Fame. Team 3D left the WWE years ago, though rumors suggest they were randomly fired. It all depends on who you talk to.

They ended up in TNA where they became a major name in the tag division. They wrestled literally every major tag team they could as active performers. Both had singles runs in WWE, but neither had a better singles run than in TNA. Devon has held the TV Title and Bully Ray as he is known now, instead of Brother Ray as he used to be called, has held the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

Both men feel that they have done it all in tag wrestling and they really have. They are the only team to hold the WCW, WWE, ECW, NJPW, and TNA Tag Team Championships. Oh, and some of those were won on multiple occasions.

Here is the official press release from TNA that came out after the announcement on Sunday:

“During Slammiversary XII live from Arlington, Texas, Olympic Gold Medalist and TNA Hall of Famer Kurt Angle announced the next inductees into the TNA Hall of Fame will be Team 3D, Bully Ray and Devon.

“Team 3D is one of the most decorated tag teams in professional wrestling history having won more than 20 tag team championships across various promotions, including twice winning the TNA World Tag Team Championship. In 2005 Team 3D was named TNA Tag Team of the Year and in 2013 were named TNA Tag Team of Tag Teams.

“Having made their TNA debut in 2005, Bully Ray and Devon are known for their no-nonsense hardcore, taking care of business inside and outside of the ring, which often ends in putting their opponents through a table.

“Team 3D becomes the third inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame, following the inaugural induction of “The Icon” Sting in 2012 and Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle earlier this year.

“A special induction ceremony for Team 3D will take place later this year.”

TNA has used the duo well in their TNA time. It will be 10 years that Team 3D has been with TNA next year, which is a long time for former WWE Superstars. It was once said that the two were getting older, which is why WWE didn’t know whether or not they could last much longer with them. Clearly they have made it a good nine extra years, and even went to Japan for a bit.

It looks like the two managed alright, so maybe they still have more left in the tank to return to the WWE someday. Regardless, the two are now TNA Hall of Famers, or will be officially this October.

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