'NCIS: Los Angeles' Season 6 Spoilers? Producers, Cast Drop Hints On Explosive Premiere

NCIS: Los Angeles season 6 moves to a new night and time when it premieres in September of 2014. When it does, fans will learn who escaped the cliffhanger season 5 finale, "Deep Trouble Part 1."

The season 6 premiere, "Deep Trouble Part 2," has already been filmed. In fact, the cast and producers filmed the episode, along with a second episode of NCIS: Los Angeles season 6, immediately after shooting the season 5 finale.

As a result, possible spoilers have leaked on to the internet, thanks largely to the cast and the show's director.

At the end of "Deep Trouble Part 1," Callen, played by Chris O'Donnell, and his partner Sam Hanna -- portrayed by rapper-actor LL Cool J -- were trapped in a drug cartel submarine that was both filling with water and rigged to explode.

We know that some major sequences of the NCIS Los Angeles season 6 premiere are filmed in the water. That's because the episode's director Dennis Smith posted a photo of himself in front of a huge water tank constructed specifically for the episode.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Water Tank

That has led NCIS: Los Angeles watchers to guess that Callen and Hanna escape from the submarine -- no surprise there -- but some major drama happens in the water before they can fully regain their freedom.

LL Cool J posted a photo of himself soaking in a jacuzzi wearing what appears to be a wet suit while filming, so we can be sure he'll be a survivor. But when the actor captioned the photo saying, "Getting wet between shots... long story," what could that mean? Most likely fans will see plenty of perilous action in the water.

NCIS Los Angeles LL Cool J

We also know that one of the actors playing a bad guy in the episode was required to shoot scenes in the water tank.

But with the series moving from the family-friendly 9 pm slot on Tuesday's to the mostly adult-oriented 10 pm slot on Monday, will NCIS: Los Angeles be taking a darker turn as the series goes on?

Executive producer John Peter Kousakis, while promising that the new season would be great and in fact reach the "zenith" of the series so far, would not offer any thoughts about a new creative direction for NCIS: Los Angeles.

"Only Mr.Brennan knows. #staytuned," Kousakis told his Twitter followers, referring to NCIS: Los Angeles creator Shane Brennan.

NCIS: Los Angeles was bumped from its previous time slot by the latest entry in the NCIS franchise NCIS: New Orleans. The new show, CBS executives believe, needs the lead-in of the original NCIS series more than the now-established NCIS: Los Angeles, which pulls in about 16 million viewers per week, most of whom are expected to follow the show to its new night.