61 Years Past The Due Date, 91-Year-Old Gentleman Returns Book To Library!

It is a common thing to forget returning a book back to a library after you have borrowed it from there. Maybe, you’d realize its been a few months since you borrowed it and then decide to return it – usually with a late fee. Similarly, when Ron Webster of Derbyshire, England decided to borrow a book from the library of University Of Liverpool, he too forgot about the fact that he had to return it some day. One fine day when Ron realized that one book had not been returned to the university library, he decided to make amends. He contacted the University officials and told them he would like to return the book he had borrowed… 61 years ago!

Thats right. Ron Webster is 91-years-old now. When he was 30, back in 1953 he was working as a research assistant at the social sciences department of the University Of Liverpool, reports Yahoo. Prior to that, Ron Webster was social sciences postgraduate student in 1948/49. It was during this time that he loaned a book by Professor AR Radcliffe-Brown titled “Structure and Function in Primitive Society.” Shortly after he borrowed this book, he was called to London to continue his research. Just as you might have expected, Ron Webster completely forgot the fact that he had a book with him that needs to be returned.

Ron had a successful career and worked for Ford before retiring and leading a relaxed life. Recently, when he decided take a look at his substantial collection of books, he discovered the old book, borrowed 61 years ago, still pending return. He quickly realized that he would have by now accumulated a huge fine – but decided to contact University officials anyway to tell about the possibility of returning the book to its rightful owners.

University Librarian Phil Sykes was amazed to see Ron arrive at the University Of Liverpool. His staff had called him and told him that a gentleman is trying to return a book that he borrowed in 1953.

“When I came down they were sat with him having a cup of tea and a chat and I said: ‘I believe I’ve got a disciplinary issue to deal with’. Of course, I cannot condone the late return of books but I remitted the fine on the condition that Mr Webster agreed, henceforth, to live an exemplary life and return all his books on time.”, Sykes said.

Just in case you were wondering, the total fine that Ron Webster had accumulated over the years amounted to a cool £4,510. ($7,654)!

[Image via University Of Liverpool]

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