Prince Charles To Be King Before Queen Elizabeth Is Gone? Another King Thinks Charles’ Mum Should Abdicate The Throne

The question has been asked multiple times: Will Prince Charles become king of England because his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, abdicates the British throne? This topic is reignited after King Juan Carlos of Spain stepped down as king so his son wouldn’t “grow old waiting for the throne like Prince Charles.”

In a report published by The Telegraph, the 76-year-old monarch thinks its time for young blood to take over. King Juan Carlos is abdicating his role as king to his son, Crown Prince Felipe, 46. The prince will be crowned as King Felipe VI in a relatively low-key ceremony on June 19 after Spain’s parliament approves Juan Carlos’ abdication.

The king based his decision from what he sees in Prince Charles’ situation. England’s prince is 65-years-old and is the oldest male heir to the British throne in history. The chief of the royal household, Rafael Spottorno, says King Juan Carlos told him this:

“I do not want my son to wither waiting like Prince Charles.”

And adds:

“He saw, above all, that his son was in his prime and didn’t want to see him like Prince Charles who will be 66 years old in November.”

Apparently, Spain’s king isn’t the only one quoted as saying Queen Elizabeth should step down from the throne. Former Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, also expresses the same sentiments… commenting that the queen should “gracefully step aside.” His use of examples include Pope Benedict XVI and three European monarchs who have abdicated this year. Prescott says the queen becoming the “Queen Emeritus” will lead to a “gentle succession.” Lord Prescott says:

“Why not let Charles take more of the burden off her shoulders? In 2015, she could hand over the State Opening of Parliament to her son.”

He duly notes the amazing work Queen Elizabeth has done for England:

“Elizabeth has given great service to this country. No one would think less of her if we allowed her to enjoy her remaining years with her grandchildren and great grandchildren as the Queen Mother.”

Will Queen Elizabeth eventually abdicate and make Prince Charles king?

The queen has handed more official duties over to Prince Charles to ease up on her workload. She takes gradual steps in slowing down, but she takes her role seriously and feels she should serve her country until the end. How does Prince Charles feel about becoming king?

Royal Central highlights some of Charles’ comments from an NBC interview he gave on a TV special called The Man Who Will Be King. The Prince of Wales reveals:

“…If it comes to it, regrettably it comes as a result of the death of your parent.”

Prince Charles let it be known he doesn’t think about taking over his mother’s place:

“… It’s better not to think too much about it except, obviously, if it comes then you have to deal with it.”

He’s not as anxious to become king as one might imagine. As a prince, he has more liberty to fight for causes he believes in, such as the environment, climate change, and charities important to him. The job of king or queen requires a neutral stance on everything. Alternatively, he points out that becoming king may never happen:

“It’s all in the providence of God. I may drop dead long before then!”

If and when Prince Charles becomes king, his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, will be “queen consort.” An article by The Inquisitr just reported on a poll taken that reveals most Brits are fine with Camilla taking a higher title of “queen consort” instead of “princess consort.”

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