Camilla Parker Bowles’ Title As ‘Queen Consort’ When Prince Charles Becomes King Is Fine With Most Brits

Camilla Parker Bowles taking on the title of “queen consort” when Prince Charles inherits the throne from is mother, Queen Elizabeth, is fine with most Brits. A poll byYouGov reveals that people prefer that the Duchess of Cornwall be given a higher title than Princess Diana did when she became the Princess of Wales, reports.

Results show that 53 percent of those in the poll want Camilla to fulfill the traditional role and 32 percent prefer she takes a lesser role “out of sensitivity to Diana, the Princess of Wales.” The poll was split between men and women on what they want when it comes to Parker Bowles in the royal family. More women are against to the duchess taking on the queen consort title; 38 percent of them feel Prince Charles’ wife should take a lesser title. 27 percent of men approve of Camilla becoming queen consort.

The poll also shows that those over the age of 60 are more hesitant calling Camilla queen. They made up 41 percent of the YouGov poll favoring a lesser title.

Last week the duchess sat with Prince Charles during the state opening of parliament for the second time. She also appeared with the future king for the 70th anniversary of D-Day celebrations in France

Royal Central reports that Camilla Parker Bowles title of “queen consort” would be well preferred over “princess consort.” The news site further says this about Camilla’s future royal title:

“By law, Camilla will automatically take the title of “Her Majesty The Queen” as soon as Prince Charles becomes King. The proposed title of Princess Consort has never been used in Britain before and has little precedent elsewhere in the world.

“An act of parliament would be required to reduce Camilla’s title from Queen to Princess Consort and many warn such a move could create a dangerous precedent for future use.”

Camilla’s appeal among the British has grown substantially since Princess Diana’s death. She actually is the Princess of Wales, but out of respect and deference to Diana, she prefers to be known as the Duchess of Cornwall, and has since 2005.

If Prince Charles succeeds his mother on the British throne as “King Charles,” Camilla will be queen. She’s often at Charles’ side at royal functions they attend. The British people are, for the most part, accepting of Charles and Camilla as a couple.

An Inquisitr article reported on Queen Elizabeth handing extra royal duties over to Prince Charles. This is believed to prepare him even more to be England’s future king.

How do you feel about Camilla Parker Bowles having a higher title as queen consort?

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